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    Vargas134679 Guest
    Good work. Really hoping this works, wanna play the old Mario yoshi island.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow Mednafen PS3 Multi-System Emulator Build 427ae17f03e4

    Here is another update from subcon959 which now includes the Stella Atari 2600 Emulator:

    Download: Mednafen PS3 Multi-System Emulator Build 427ae17f03e4 / SVN

    Some changes from the log are below, as follows:

    427ae17f03e4 - stella: Provide a simplified and unified input device that should support any type that isn’t paddles (the actual types used are autodetected by the stella core)

    073a382213eb - Tidy up nestopia module some

    43a823b19d35 - Add stella to mednafen-ps3 build

    ba2fb5429b30 - stella: Only load games found in stella’s internal properties list, allows mednafen to actually load non-2600 games when the stella module is loaded stella: Support PAL timings and other fixes

    17871b1b9c68 - stella: Various fixes

    86c8ba0598e0 - stella: Add, currently broken, sound support

    9ad39b5154b8 - stella: Improve palette and settings support

    c901a03086ef - stella: Improve input

    61c9a80fe119 - stella: Lookup and pass proper game properties to the emulator

    d40274ec5ee9 - stella: Add some basic settings stella: Don't crash if a controller is unplugged

    bb31c83d1d22 - stella: Cleaner patching of Console.cpp and Console.hxx stella: Use a palette

    72dd8ccb47ec - stella: Add basic joystick support
    Download: Mednafen PS3 Multi-System Emulator Build 40c2207d0f / Mednafen PS3 Multi-System Emulator Build 40c2207d0f (3.41) by pete_uk (ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/1067-Mednafen?p=9482#post9482) via http://code.google.com/p/mednafen-ps3/

    To quote: When you first boot mednafen, press R3 to open the settings menu. Go down and select "Sega Saturn (Yabause)" with X. Make sure that "yabause.enable" is set to "ON" Select "yabause.bios" with Square and browse to your Saturn Bios and select it with X. (Google will help here ) Then press circle twice to return to the file browser.

    Recent Changes via code.google.com/p/mednafen-ps3/updates/list:

    40c2207d0f: Add initial framework for allowing emulator modules to do their rendering in OpenGL

    6276ff9de1: yabause: Enable OpenGL renderer (breaks building cell until it is converted to OpenGL ES)

    88f32b3357: yabause: Make opengl a load time option (it's not always faster or better than software), add proper frame skip support

    996c375b85: yabause: Fix software renderer color blending on the PS3 yabause: Allow opengl to compile on PS3, it will crash if you enable it though (so don't)

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    sheaushyong Guest

    Red Face fix eboot.bin of mednafan 0.9.16 (can run on rogero cfw 4.30)

    fix eboot.bin of mednafan 0.9.16 (can run on rogero cfw 4.30)

    only this emulator can run FDS game

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