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Thread: Medal Of Honor PS3 Requires 3.42, Open Manager Tool Arrives

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    Medal Of Honor PS3 Requires 3.42, Open Manager Tool Arrives

    Update: For those curious exactly why PS3 3.42 Firmware version games won't run with PS3 JailBreak, HERE is why, to quote:

    "Apparently with the introduction of 3.42 firmware, Sony added new encryption keys for their games. What this means is all new games will begin using these keys (MOH being the first). Since 3.41 firmware doesn’t contain these encryption keys, the firmware can’t decrypt and run newer games. When it fails to decrypt a game it produces the error 80010019.

    Don’t panic just yet, this isn’t the end of all hope for playing newer games on 3.41 firmware. If hackers somehow figure out a way to decrypt these newer games’ executable (EBOOT.BIN), they could then redistribute the decrypted executable for each new game. Then the new games could be once again playable on 3.41. However, do not get your hopes up as this is a ways off. It seems for now, jailbroken consoles are stuck with the current crop of games."

    Previously it was reported that F1 2010 was the first game to require PS3 Firmware 3.42, however, today lineX7 has confirmed that Medal of Honor requires 3.42 while Files has released Open Manager Tool 1.0 followed by version 1.1.

    Additionally, Tatsh2DX has made available an Open Manager Tool 1.0 Linux build.

    Download: Open Manager Tool 1.0 / Open Manager Tool 1.0 SRC / Open Manager Tool 1.1 / Open Manager Tool 1.1 SRC

    To quote from PSGroove: "The game is set for a North American release date of 10/12/2010, but it seems some people have received early copies. The game in its current form is unplayable on 3.41.

    If you decline to update the game sends you back to the XMB. However, a simple patch of the version string in the game's PARAM.SFO should restore playability. However, time will tell."

    Next up, Files stated the following on his release: "I made a program for Open Manager just for my use, but i decided later to share it with your community, hoping that someone can help me.

    It is called Open Manager Tool. I think it works well, and for now it only add some feature more than the others "splitting programs".

    The program check the integrity of the directories and the fat32 file compatibility, and add for every Game a so called "OMT.PRO" file.

    That file contains all necessary data to autorun programs with specific options, such as controller patch or internal external hd installation compatibility.

    The structure is:

    #Open Manager Tools properties - GameID: BLUS30175
    CMTHello Batman!

    HDD0 says it is not compatible with internal HD and HDD1 that it's compatible.
    USB0 same as internal but for fat32 external
    SC20 says if controller patch syscall_2 is to be set or not
    BDR0 if an original BDrom must be putted or not into drive.
    OMV1.1.2 says that this game has been tested with this version of OpenManager
    ODV1.1 says that the game has been tested with that version of PSGroove dongle.
    CMT is for user comments

    I made the structure easy, because I need help from someone to port this option files into Open Manager!!! I cannot do by myself for time reasons, and for office reasons (I cannot have a testing PS3 here)

    The Open Manager modified has to, for example, look into these options and show to the user: the comments, the warnings if running internal compatible program from external drive (or disable these games), or running games without original bdrom inserted.

    Could also check for compatibility version of the Dongle and the Manager. The program has, also, some interesting features to manage these files, such us import/merge function and so on.

    So, I'm also searching for proud guys that can fill out all the data, it's very important for all the community to share these settings! I will continue to maintain the program by myself, as Open Manager evolves, but I will also appreciate help by other coders.

    As soon as possible I will upload the sources for that projects. They are compilable under Linux, Mac and Windows.

    The entire project is compatible with "Qt SDK by Nokia Opensource". If someone can compile the application under Linux or MacOs, will be very appreciated! Please report bugs and remember to choose the root directory containing all game folders!

    Version 1.1 Changelog:
    - Added the plugin to show correctly the Icons
    - Corrected some minor bugs.
    - Added utilities management for Covers.

    The program will automatically add the covers located into "coversRepository" folder, if the correct game is found. Covers can be imported from various image formats. The program converts them into PNG compatible files with correct sizes (480Xiii) as the original Open Manager needs. Also added support for side and back covers.. for future development of loaders... or future 3d covers."

    [imglink=|Medal Of Honor PS3 Requires 3.42, Open Manager Tool Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Medal Of Honor PS3 Requires 3.42, Open Manager Tool Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Medal Of Honor PS3 Requires 3.42, Open Manager Tool Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bernzburnz Guest
    Was only a matter of time. Can't believe how quick the scene is moving. Can't wait for devs to implement.

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    hayman Guest
    yeah thanks mate, hope it will work..

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    linex7 Guest
    Editing the SFO file gives an error and boots you back to the dash.

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    nsignific Guest
    Will be interesting to see if they manage to get around games requiring 3.42 and above.

    I know people have the utmost confidence in devs to get around it, but frankly, sometimes that just doesn't happen.

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    hunterrr Guest
    Not everybody is in for games, piracy.. A lot of people would like to get this system FULLY hacked.

    Or some people are more into coding their own homebrew... This is a little problem i'm sure there will be a work around in no time..

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    Jes03 Guest
    What about the people that will buy the game and have already pre-ordered it? There is no piracy when it comes to those people. They just want to play the game they paid for on the system they want with the firmware they want.

    If it won't play on a jailbreaked system then I wont be buying it.

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    BwE Guest
    i'm sure there's things in the flash that can trick the game to thinking its on 3.42 etc.

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    tommasi Guest
    COD will follow and it well need 3.50 to run because it have 3D support and that will be another challenge.

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    Dyablo13 Guest
    This is booty!! I already pre-ordered the game. Now I have to choose between keeping my ps3 "jailbroken" or playing what looks like an awesome game, and really this is only gonna get worse, every game that comes out from now on will probably require 3.50, So No AC: Brotherhood, No Fallout: New Vegas, No Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (in a couple of months), No Force Unleashed, No COD: Black Ops which I also pre-ordered already.

    SON OF A CRACKER!!! I wanna punch Sony in the face.

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