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    noone can say for sure right now, as there is no update out for it.

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    Apr 2010
    This tells how to get medel of honor to work on 3.41:
    Medal Of Honor at 3.41 [WORKING!]

    Well, that I have run the Medal of Honor in 3.41 As to operation. Edit PARAM.SFO of the game so that requested the update 3.41
    Change the eboot of the game, the 2010 UFC. OM install 2.1 and start the patch to install game data on the external. (New Function button is activated to select) Install the update that calls for 1.01 and installed the game data. With the V4 hermes.

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    is this for real? have you tested it?

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    I dont have medal of honor to try but once I find the manager in english I will try it on luche libre.

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