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Thread: MD5 PSHasher v0.1 is Now Available for PS3 PUP Update Files

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    MD5 PSHasher v0.1 is Now Available for PS3 PUP Update Files

    Today DanyL has released an application that will display the MD5 hashes of PS3 PUP update files used in PlayStation 3 Firmware updating, downgrading and JailBreaking.

    Download: MD5 PSHasher v0.1

    To quote: I'm releasing a new handy tool called MD5 PSHasher. I got the idea yesterday in the morning and started developing it.. I amazed myself how quickly I developed it...


    1. Show you the MD5 of the .pup file you chose.
    2. Show you which firmware is in the .pup file.
    3. Tell you if the firmware is Jailbreakable or downgradeable.
    4. Built-in updater.

    Currently I got the following firmwares at the database:

    - Original US 3.41
    - US 3.21
    - US 3.42
    - US 3.30
    - US 3.01
    - Modified 3.41
    - US 3.15
    - US 3.40
    - US 3.50
    - US 3.10
    - US 3.00
    - v3.55
    - Quiet release US 3.41

    [imglink=|MD5 PSHasher v0.1 is Now Available for PS3 PUP Update Files][/imglink]
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    moja Guest
    Awesome little app. I had a little trouble locating a freeware MD5 hasher that would work on my system, and then had to cross reference the signature with forum-posted values. This makes it much easier to verify the update. Thanks!

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    Starlight Guest
    Nice news indeed as it should help in pup files for info.

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    Vargas134679 Guest
    Incredible good. Good work for you every day with new tools to overcome.

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    GALAXYY Guest
    thanks a lot

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