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Thread: Maximizing PS3 Test unit?

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    rugdoctor Guest

    Question Maximizing PS3 Test unit?

    Gonna snag one of those "Test" units from an auction, any suggestion to get it running to its full potential?

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    Sadly I have a feeling you will find out what everyone else who got one did pretty much, unless you have access to all the (c) Sony files and know how to code there isn't much that can be done with a PS3 TEST console aside from installing Debug Firmware on it (which doesn't accomplish anything in itself).

    In fact, they are actually worse since they don't play Blu-ray movies... so the only benefit to having one for normal users is bragging rights/resale profit to someone who has access and talent pretty much

    Of course if you DO have access to Sony stuff and know how to use it all, then you could do what CJPC has done and make a PS3 File/HDD Loader, etc! (but it will only work on TEST units, so no use to the general public unfortunately).

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