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    Marcan Names PS3 Linux Bootloader on Firmware 3.41 AsbestOS

    Nintendo Wii developer Marcan has been sharing updates via Twitter on his progress with a PS3 Linux bootloader, one that is currently working on PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 (including on the PS3 Slim) and now named AsbestOS.

    Download: AsbestOS ATMega Port with Software USB (Arduino Mega)

    Below are some of his recent Tweets for those curious, to quote:

    "AsbestOS port to the ATMega with software USB (Arduino Mega, etc...)

    Investigating how RSX access will work. It's definitely possible but it might end up very different from desktop Linux 3D as we know it. git repo if you want to follow along. No support or docs yet, it's not done, don't ask, but feel free to peek.

    Preliminary porting notes: If you have developed or ported a version of the exploit, please let me know your comments

    The device I'm using to test is an IGEPv2 (OMAP3, same as the Beagleboard, N900, Palm Pre, ...).

    It doesn't mean I'm going to somehow deliberately screw you over, it means if your device can't handle a custom 40KB payload, then it can't.

    "non-generic psjailbreak clone" means "cheap closed low storage probably unupgradable device designed with no future-proofing in mind".

    Any non-microcontroller devices will work. Phones, iPods, other media players or portable consoles, etc.

    Users of non-generic psjailbreak and clones are probably SOL though (that's what you get for buying essentially a dedicated piracy device).

    To clarify, you need at least a 64K (not 32K!) micro *or* a device that has at least 64K extra external storage (SD, Flash, EEPROM). working a bit better now

    Confirmed that it works (to the same extent) on the Slim too :) It's alive! Mostly, anyway.

    I bet you've never seen a Linux kernel say this: [ 0.000000] PS3 firmware version 3.4.1

    Wasted like an hour debugging a bootwrapper that was working perfectly, except noone documents this stuff. dtbImage.ps3 != zImage.ps3

    That wasn't too bad. Threads caught.

    Next headache: catching *both* CPU threads from lv2.

    AsbestOS (yeah, I'm calling it that) now works on the PS3 Slim (still doesn't quite boot Linux, though)

    I can TFTP-load a kernel now, though it doesn't exactly boot yet. More tomorrow, hopefully.

    There are two stages. Stage1 replaces the usual psjb payload (2kB or so) and loads stage2 via USB (30kB currently)

    The Teensy will NOT work without external mem (32K Flash). The Teensy++ and the AT90USBKEY SHOULD be enough (128K Flash).

    By the way, if anyone wants to run this Linux loader from a hardware dongle, make sure you get something with at least 64k of storage!

    IP stack = done (lwIP FTW). 64 bytes from ps3 ( icmp_req=1 ttl=255 time=0.361 ms

    I suck at names. Help me name a usb-exploit PS3 Linux bootloader? All i came up with so far is lv2ate ("levitate") and AnotherOS.

    Last tweet brought to you by LPAR, VAS, HTAB, TLB, SLB, DMA, BI, PU, RM, PME, HPTE, VSID, ESID, AVPN, RPN, WIMG, GELIC, and, of course, LV1. sent from a USB lv2 payload using raw lv1 syscalls. And now I can finally go to sleep today.

    Ha, Linux got owned by *exactly* the same bug that the 360 hypervisor had: comparing 32b of a system call no., then using 64b. (via tmbinc)"

    Marcan Names PS3 Linux Bootloader on Firmware 3.41 AsbestOS

    Marcan Names PS3 Linux Bootloader on Firmware 3.41 AsbestOS

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Definitely cool news for Linux fans, and +Rep for submitting it ModderFokker. That must be a tear of joy on Tux's cheek above!

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    this looks very cool and can't wait, but is it going to have full rsx support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Definitely cool news for Linux fans, and +Rep for submitting it ModderFokker. That must be a tear of joy on Tux's cheek above!
    Or Sony crying their eyes out in a temper tantrum, like a child who can't get the toy he wants at Wal-Mart.

    "Waaah! You jailbreakers are so mean! I'm gonna tell my daddy the Gubbment on you!"

    (see what I did there... with gubbment... government... you get the idea. Them's the jokes, son.)

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    This is great news can't wait to use linux on my PS3 again and hopefully with better features.

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    Woot! =D This is awesome news x]

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    Great news indeed although still in very early stages. I just hope it will not hit any obstacles in a form of Sony removing the needed syscalls from post 3.15 FWs though.

    On the similar note - I put quite a lot hopes into yesterday annouced JB developement for 3.01 / 3.10 / 3.15 FWs as this could be an alternative approach for (re-)enabling of the OthersOS / Linux on later FW vesrsions and / or Slim PS3

    Either way - as long as we'll get there eventually it's win situation for us users.

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    Linux with otherOS was crippled not having full memory access. Getting it to run with 512 will be soooo much better... and useable

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    Nice news indeed. I cant wait for this I always wanted to see what a good benchmark was for linux on the ps3 with full access. Good work

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    Exiciting news, hoping for otheros to comeback soon.

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