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    Quote Originally Posted by jackpollack View Post
    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive alternative to the nokia n900 or beagleboard that marcan42 is using?
    keep checking ebay... friend of mine found a teensy 2.0 ++ (128k mem) on there the other day for $50 shipped.. thats not bad if us ask me considering we all knew the prices were going to get inflated because of this. I also have a teensy2++ but i was lucky enough to get one at normal price before they sold out =P

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    I may be wrong here, but it seems to me like this is a boot loader to run linux native on the ps3, as in without using OtherOS at all (the same way you can run DSL linux on modded original xbox) This for linux fans like myself is HUGE. Running it native on the ps3 hardware means no hypervisor, wich means full access to the RSX, hard drive and bluray drive.

    again, I could be completely wrong here, if I am someone more informed than myself please correct me so I dont get my hopes to high about this

    (my first post here btw)

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    Having access and linux knowing how to use it are two very different things. I don't want to keep sounding like a downer but linux on ps3 sounds cooler than it is or probibly will ever be. In fact I Bet that if a rsx driver gets written it would run in other os also.

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    Yes. You are wrong. This exploit run linux same with OtherOS, but give full access to RSX. It's mind: privileges for hardware will be limited by hypervisor.

    But in future we can wait new exploits for hypervisor access and full CFW.

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    ah I see. thanks for clearing that up. Still, full RSX access at some point will be great!

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    Got my second PS3 today, just gotta build me a jailbreaker now

    Linux on slim is mmm mmm good.

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