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    Does this fully boot though? I thought there was a kernel panic bc we have no working fs?

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    But do not use my mirror for real testing. Repository updates come usually, but I'm clone this repository only one time.

    You must check repository for new commits before compilation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fr33m4n View Post
    Does this fully boot though? I thought there was a kernel panic bc we have no working fs?
    I think it's a begining. This news and repository for developers only. We must wait for complete solution. But this news and code - it is real proof of linux on PS3.

    In PS3 linux - We trust!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fr33m4n View Post
    Does this fully boot though? I thought there was a kernel panic bc we have no working fs?
    Not if we supply a suitable initrd image in the netboot image, remember; rootfs root (/) is in RAM because it's a special semi-pseudo filesystem.

    Hmm... marcan42, if you're reading this, you should try appending "root=/dev/rd/0" to the kernel command line to attempt a completely HDD-less boot.

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    Would this be integrated in the XMB or would we have to run it as homebrew?

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    No. This exploit load Linux Kernel as LV2 application (as GameOS or old OtherOS).

    But more powerful then simple OtherOS on PS3 fat. Becose linux loaded by this payload will have access to all memory.

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    Why so much effort for linux? I get the idea that running linux on a ps3 is cool and all but there is still the problem that without a driver for the rsx linux on ps3 will allways be crippled. Before Geohot released the exploit he had he said he did not want to do so unless someone could explain in detail what the hypervisor was restricting as far as a gpu driver is concerned.

    Nobody responded (at least publicly) which combined with the fact that nouveau drivers are still nowhere as good as the nvidia version would basicaly show that there will never be a ps3 linux gpu driver. (too much effort for lackluster results).

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    now were talkin! stuff is starting to get interesting.. from what i've gathered it uses a modified payload to load the linux bootloader.. nows where it looks like the interesting stuff begins to take place.. it says it disables and destroys all 7 spe's one of which is where the hypervisor is loaded.. so no more LV1 looking over our shoulders... i then see where linux recreates the spe's for use..

    once we are able to load linux are there currently drivers that will work with most of the hardware in the PS3? or will those have to be re written? seems like all the drivers we use to use with OtherOS wouldn't work because they have to do their work through LV1 which no longer exists?

    I seem to recall an IMB blade server that is pretty much the same hardware as the ps3... will the drivers this machine uses work with the ps3 since it seems like we will be able to run linux at a hardware level and not at mercy of the hypervisor?

    just random thoughts i was having while reading the main post! please feel free to correct me or add to my thoughts!

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    All very exciting news. Only downside so far that i can see is the rather hefty (40k) memory requirement for the JB device. (Most of the inexpensive dongles and boards are only 16k.)

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive alternative to the nokia n900 or beagleboard that marcan42 is using?

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    Tuxedo? Tuxego? Would be amazing to get Linux back! With proper memory access and perhaps also proper HW access? Then Driver development can start.

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    About the RSX driver there was a lot of people trying to help develop it but "Egohot" just ignored that people so the movement lost some steam... now i believe if you guys can crack open Linux again in ps3 with full access to the HV for sure someone will come forward with a working driver.

    You guys can read some info about it here:

    also there are some posts here in ps3news that you can check, like this one that its quite interesting...

    Imagine having Linux working with the full power of ps3... a home supercomputer for 400 Euros seems quite a deal! Breaking some encrypted keys with that power will be a good business in the future

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