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Thread: Make_PKG PS3 Homebrew PKG Application By D0zs Arrives

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    Make_PKG PS3 Homebrew PKG Application By D0zs Arrives

    This weekend PlayStation 3 hacker d0zs has made available a PS3 homebrew PKG building application along with source code.

    Download: Make_PKG / Make_PKG SRC Code / UnSELF_Then_Make_PKG

    From the developer: This tool provides the ability to auto-compile PS3 HG based pkg's. Just a straight forward pkg builder, doesn't require cygwin, doesn't modify the eboot or param, gets the job done much quicker than my old patcher. same folder structure, drag - drop, etc.

    Fixed many potential bugs, also made it intercept psn_package_npdrm's output so you can see it work.

    I originally posted make_pkg because I saw Mr GoodFrag's tutorial using one of my old very poorly coded patcher to compile the pkg.

    So since I had coded make_pkg for myself some months ago, I figured it could save people using that tutorial the hassle of compiling pkg's and so I went ahead and posted it.

    But unfortunately, when I do post something, it's almost always buggy because I haven't thoroughly tested it for public use (as was the case for make_pkg I posted earlier), but I'm fairly certain I got the bugs ironed out to be stable enough, so sure go ahead and make it official.

    If you want the technical details: first it checks if the eboot & param exist, then it reads the param values and uses those values to generate the config.conf, next it will set the home environment variable (this makes it so it doesn't require cygwin), and finally execute psn_package_npdrm.exe.

    There's a few things the user needs to keep in mind to make a successful pkg:

    1) the game folder name must be exactly 9 characters
    2) the TITLE_ID in param.sfo must be the exact same as the folder name
    3) the CATEGORY in param.sfo must be set to HG

    Bare minimum folder structure must look like, for example:

    COMPILEME - 9 character root dir (the directory you use to drag to the exe)

    There's a few other things I can cover, but those are the top 3, any errors that result will be relayed through the console from psn_package_npdrm.exe so the user knows what to fix.

    Even though I don't label my projects as open source, I'm very lax when it comes to sharing code. this was a very simple project, so I have no problem giving the source out to anyone that requests it, as with all my other releases.

    I'll get it up on eventually, right now i'm seeing if I should make it have control of the other dev tools, but it's definitely fine for now.

    UnSELF_Then_Make_PKG: The program wasn't made to unself & re-sign a retail eboot self, my intention was to make a direct pkg with no modifying the eboot or param.

    However I just put together this version that will unself, set the param category to HG, make_self, before compiling the pkg
    tested on win7 and xp.

    [imglink=|Make_PKG PS3 Homebrew PKG Application By D0zs Arrives][/imglink]
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    NTA Guest
    Great update! Thanks for releasing.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest


    and this does exactly what?? makes a pkg file a pkg file for what? a shortcut to the game on xmb or ? doesn't say what it makes a pkg for?

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    moja Guest
    No offense, but this isn't for you, then. I suspect if you read the linked tutorial, your questions will be answered.

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    daveshooter Guest
    - Moja

    Credit to the Dev for developing and sharing this, I only wish people md5 their work so we the user knows it's the real thing and not something thats been swapped out along the super highway.

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    shummyr Guest
    this is an awesome tool, I would like to thank the developer for sharing this awesome tool

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    xcr3w Guest


    does it make an pkg (forwarder) for an game in an manager? (like multiman)

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    daveshooter Guest
    No it makes an installable package that you install, like the MultiMan package you install.

    Say you had a game you backed up, and you wanted to have an icon in the xmb not within multiman , you would create a package of that game, then install it and run from there, just Like you do with dean's multiman and other homebrew install packages.

    This is what aids you in doing just that, creating backed up game installable packages.

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    justrome0 Guest


    >> !ERROR!: C:\PS3\BLUS30636-[Venetica]\BLUS30636/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN is not an NPDRM SELF.

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    PS3 SFOReader: Read_SFO & Read_SFO_with_Examples by D0zs

    Following up on his previous releases, today PlayStation 3 hacker d0zs has released two more PS3 homebrew applications dubbed Read_SFO and Read_SFO_with_Examples based off SFO4J (SFO Filereader in Java) by TiMESPLiNTER.

    Download: PS3 SFOReader (VB) / Read_SFO / Read_SFO_With_Examples / Read_SFO_SRC / SFO4J SFO Filereader in Java 2.0

    To quote: command line sfo reader (uses sfo4j's open source java classes converted to

    syntax: read_sfo <SFOpath> <value>

    included a rough make_pkg port to batch with a couple other examples

    i had a couple people ask me about modifying the order of operations for making a pkg to suite their own needs. there's nothing easier than editing a bat file, so i decided to take advantage of sfo4j's java sfo reader classes and make a quick exe that will spit out a requested value of a specified sfo file and use it in a rough make_pkg port to batch.

    since it uses those java->c#-> classes, 99% of the read_sfo code isn't mine and i can't stress that enough (all i did was make it output a single value), so credits to timesplinter & trueicecold.

    with that said, it's really only useful for programmers using various languages who can't implement their own sfo reader, so they can simply execute read_sfo and set their own variables from the output.

    syntax: read_sfo <SFOpath> <value>
    example: read_sfo C:\PARAM.SFO TITLE_ID

    *value is case sensitive

    I've developed an open source SFO-file reader and writer library for PS3-PARAM.SFO-Files (and propably every other SFO-Files) in Java. I like to share this with you because I think it could help you developing any java-application that has to handle PS3-SFO-Files.

    There's also a javadoc in the package.

    Dealing with sfo4j is very very easy. You just need to put the jar-Library in your BuildPath and write for e.x. the following code:
    SFOReader sfoReader = new SFOReader("C:/Data/PARAM1.SFO");
    for(Map.Entry<String, SFODataValue> entry : sfoReader.getKeyValueMap().entrySet()){
    	System.out.print(entry.getKey() + " = ");
    	if(entry.getValue().getDataType() == SFODataValue.DATATYPE_STRING) {
    	} else if(entry.getValue().getDataType() == SFODataValue.DATATYPE_NUMBER) {
    	} else {
    // Output e.x.
    Game-Title: Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction™
    Changelog 2.0:
    [+] SFOWriter - Now you can also write SFO files
    [fix] DataTypes - You have now more control about the data you get from the reader

    DataTypes (1 byte):
    0 - BINARY
    2 - STRING
    4 - NUMBER

    [imglink=|PS3 SFOReader: Read_SFO & Read_SFO_with_Examples by D0zs][/imglink]
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