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    Apr 2005

    Majrawi DEX GameFixer Tool PS3 Application is Now Available

    Following up on the PS3 DEX Game Mounter by aldostools, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer majrawi has made available a PS3 application for PC he calls Majrawi DEX GameFixer Tool.

    Download: Majrawi DEX GameFixer Tool

    From his blog (linked above): Hi, sorry for being kind of invisible for a while. Here's a trick to make it easier to fix DEX games. It means itstead of longing for 5-10 mins, it only takes 3secs or even less

    You just have to download spicific game's update and then drag and drop the update into my software (Majrawi DEXGameFixer) and here are the steps to do so:

    1- Extracting update files

    2- Making package.conf with ID + Package version for example: BLUS30681 + 01.01

    [Register or Login to view code]

    3- Making specific fixed package for DEX

    All of these tasks only takes 3 secs to be done.

    Enjoy the fun ^____^ reza_novin (Majrawi)

    Finally, in related PS3 homebrew news deaphroat has made available a similar PC application dubbed PKGCexToDex stating the following: Hello, I have made the same thing, but with GUI and the KLincensee and in French ^^

    I's a beta but it's works... With a update PKG don't renamed. Just drag and drop the Pkg to the "Drop Here Zone", you can edit the "package conf" in the bottom texte before you click on "Create PKG".

    The KLicensee is extracted from the pkg. The title id and PackageVersion from unRenamed Pkg.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Brenza Guest
    Very nice, thx!

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    Tepoo Guest
    do that for fake updates please

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    Apr 2005

    Majrawi EDAT (PSN) PKG Creator PS3 Homebrew Application Arrives

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer majrawi has made available a PS3 DEX homebrew application called Majrawi EDAT (PSN) PKG Creator with details below.

    Download: Majrawi EDAT PKG Creator PS3 Homebrew App / Majrawi EDAT PKG Creator PS3 Homebrew App (Mirror)

    From the ReadMe file: Here's another tool for PS3 to make things easier like Majrawi DEX Game Fixer by the help of this tool there's no need to open the Multi man then go to FTP and copy "EDAT" files from your storage device into the PS3 !!! (that's a waste of time)

    How to use: Just drag and drop your ".edat" on the exe file and it automatically will convert it to ".pkg" file

    YOU CAN RUN THIS PKG ON THIS CFW & DEX VERSIONS: (CFW 3.41 - CFW 3.55 - CFW 4.21 - CFW 4.21 REX - CFW 4.30 & All version DEX)

    Notice: even if your ".edat" file doesn't have it's original name along, this tool will hex it and will convert it into ".pkg" with it's Original name !

    For example if your ".edat" name is 9999.edat (or whatever) it'll convert to PKG with it's name inside it, like: EP4049-NPEB00631_00-000000000LICENSE

    Programmed on November 15th Majrawi.com Special thx to Console-Hax.com King4news.net

    Finally, from catalinnc: I have tested this tool and i found that it generates a pkg with a DEBUG edat license...this is only good for DEX ps3s... is the same think as using make_package_npdrm_1732:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    callejasto Guest
    Thanks for your input , was looking for something

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