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    LSPWN v0.1 PS3 SPE Local Storage Dumper Homebrew App Out

    Today PlayStation 3 hacker adrianc has released a PS3 SPE Local Storage Dumper homebrew application called LSPWN v0.1.

    Download: LSPWN v0.1 PS3 SPE Local Storage Dumper

    From the ReadMe File: Overview: This app dumps the local store of an spe to /dev_hdd0/game/LSPWN0ADC/USRDIR/localstore.bin

    A neat POC for devs, but also a n00b friendly introduction to the spe environment.


    1. run the app
    2. copy the binary from the hdd using your preferred method
    3. disasemble using ida and get a hands on look at the local store
    4. ???
    5. profit!

    • source code forthcoming after some cleanup
    • gui in v0.2 release
    • support for isolation mode if there is demand

    Greetz: gitbrew, mathieulh, geohot, sonic iso, #ps3secret (dualbankwank .), uf6667, zerkman and too many others to mention.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Love that meme


    Nice app, would definitely like to see the source on this after the clean up

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