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Thread: LS Cover Manager - PS3 Backup Manager with Covers Arrives

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    Kyo13 Guest
    Allright I understand now ! Thanks for the explanation ! You're right in fact there is just another Open Manager, like Flex Manager was made from Open Manager too.

    I'll see the staff to make changes on the new ! I agree it must annonce that's it another Open Manager skin, based on the Flex Manager skin, with a new install folder ! I thinks it's just a mistake ! Bad words were used ! Sorry for that.

    EDIT : The covers resolution seems to be 348x400.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyo13 View Post
    You're right in fact there is just another Open Manager, like Flex Manager was made from Open Manager too.
    they are all based on OM yes, but I think that this should give cred to Cover Manager which was the mod by Jurai2 that that gave OM the ability to view game covers and not the icons.

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    Kyo13 Guest
    Yes I've understand don't worry ! I think that credits comes too :

    - The author of original Open Manager
    - Jurai2 for FlexManager (based on Open Manager)
    - Then HellT ... for the skin (based on FlexManager) and the new install folder

    All credits will be given ! Again sorry for the misunderstanding !

    Seems like Jurai2 has made Cover Manager and not Flex Manager, well anyway EVERYONE involved in that will be recieve credits on the new !

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyo13 View Post
    - Jurai2 for FlexManager (based on Open Manager)
    - Jurai2 for Cover Manager, the manager in which flex was based on

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    modmate Guest
    I don't like that sort of self advertisement on the Main screen. There are like 4 big names ...gosh!

    That's way over the top!

    The rest seems nice , but these names are way to much and to big to use it.


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    Kyo13 Guest
    Wouah it's only to thanks them ... Well thanks have been added, the new need to be edited one more time, because of HTML code problem lol

    But Jurai2 and all other recieve credits now ! ... Only to thanks them !

    Edit: Ok you are talking about the name on the LS Cover Manager !

    Well let me tells you : it's an HellT initiative, he add some members names of the forum.

    I see that when I waked up ! This is not a sort of self advertisement like you said ! It's from HellT to some active members ! Don't forget it's a skin for our community on origin !

    Feel free to use it, but understand that it's was just for our community, and to quote some activate members ...

    I'm nothing on hack scene ! Yes I claim it ! Never code something ! I know about hack because I apply that from years ago but that's all ... Same for others members quoted ... just special thanks for our contribution to the forum ...

    Again there is nothing but misunderstanding ! I want to add that the new has been changed, all credit given to everyone envolved !

    Logic-Sunrise NEVER wish to appropriate works from others !

    To quote HellT : " I did a manager without name of members to prove you that was just a skin, I made just for you (and the other lol) to show you that i'm not a copycat and all I want it's not the "success" as you said but just to made some people happy when they use their manager, so don't look me like a copycat but just like someone who's just generous, (it take me hours and it's free) but I agree with you that i didn't thanks the author of the original (Jurai2 and the others) And so I apologize. Thanks"

    Here is the link for the manager without names on it :

    Again thanks have been added !

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    modmate Guest
    Well you know, it was just a sort of "toobig and colourful" thingy. Instead of such names it would be more appreciated to see some buttons with proper functionalty like mem patch and so on.

    The design idea is nice but i guess its still wip and we`ll see some better soon.

    Greets Modmate

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