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    LordSELF v0.1 - PS3 SELF / SPRX File Editor is Released

    Today Maises via tiefputin1 has released LordSELF v0.1, a homebrew PS3 SELF / SPRX File Editor for PlayStation 3 developers.

    Download: LordSELF v0.1 for PS3

    From the ReadMe file: What is LordSELF?

    It is a try to clone the famouse LordPE PE Editor for PlayStation 3 SELF / SPRX Files

    SELF Editor - a small editing tool for Sony PlayStation 3 SELF / SPRX files


    yoda - I cloned your LordPE PE Editor design. its so neat
    ps3devwiki/ps3wiki - documenting lil bit about SELF format

    He who controls the unwrapping, controls the warez - ArthaXerXes

    How to use:

    1) Explorer Shell Extension run LordSELF -> Options "Register Shell Extension" so you can directly load via right click in Windows Explorer (requires admin rights once to set registry entries)

    2) drag & drop self/sprx into exe

    3) commandline "LordSELF file.self"


    LordSELF v0.1 - PS3 SELF / SPRX File Editor is Released

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    I need a tools to decrypt NP -DRM Application to ELF. >_<

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    Aside from what was posted from Mathieulh and anonymous5607 here I haven't seen any more on it yet let alone tools...

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