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Thread: Load PS3 Firmware Under 3.41 Through the PS3 JailBreak

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    rocketrobot Guest
    Binary to ascii gives ya:
    54 33 52 6f 5a 58 4a 50 55 79 42 44 59 57 34 67 63 32 56 73 5a 69 42 76 62 69 42 7a 64 47 46 79 64 41 3d 3d
    I am guessing that is Hex, but then I loose it:

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    Natepig Guest
    Me too... I'm clueless about these things and got as far as the hex with google.

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    Luckluka Guest


    Would any one be kind enough to upload all files from a US PS3 the folder ps1emu?

    I would be grateful!

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    Red 13 Guest
    The EU and US FW3.41 dev_flash are identical

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    datalogger Guest
    OtherOS can self on start.

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    Luckluka Guest
    YES! "The otheros can 'self' on start!" is the hint

    More Progress Made: First Custom-XMB made by me called the nXMB, What it does is change the XMB to the normal one(the one that isnt used by the jailbreak) and it allows homebrew/backups to be launched. "Install Package Files and the second one are gone". And PS1 and PS2 games are allowed to be launched(For PS2, BC is required).

    More News: I am working on an app called "LegacyBM" which is like the normal backup manager, but instead of mounting and ripping ps3 games, it does it with PS1 and PS2 Games

    Help Needed: I AM RIPPING MY HAIR OUT! I cant make my PS3 play other games

    And some other news: I launched otheros through PS1_newemu.self!

    And another thing: I launched otheros through vsh.self!

    So meanwhile wait! I needa goto sleep first. Sharing a video on youtube tommorow!

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    datalogger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Red 13 View Post
    The EU and US FW3.41 dev_flash are identical
    To verify this, here are the MD5 hashes from a 3.41 US \dev_flash\ps1emu dir you can compare.

    ps1_emu.self = 3F82776340844A790122BACA413E5858

    ps1_netemu.self = 1E28C61C6756856FAB6FDB2F953672D8

    ps1_newemu.self = 90F15CB10F32C35C144B13DEA84BCA0A

    ps1_rom.bin = FBB5F59EC332451DEBCCF1E377017237

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    Red 13 Guest
    I have a FAT US and a SLIM EU, i have hash checked the two dev_flahs, they are identical.

    To Lukyluka: you are able to start the OtherOS, but is it working?

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    Luckluka Guest

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