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Thread: Licdir error help

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    cvp Guest

    Licdir error help

    I decrypt the EBOOT to elf and encrypt to fself eboot.bin and copy to the BLESxxxx/USRDIR folder

    if i push on the Game the Triangel button and go to *Check i see an error line:

    LICDIR: Invalid dirname in /dev_hdd0/games/BLESxxxxx

    how can i fix that?

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    Meshuggah Guest
    maybe its the wrong version number. I downloaded virtua fighter 5 and replaced the name like indicated by the manager. For instance \hdd\GAMEZ\BCESxxxx with the right version (btw its for euro zone only). and it gave me the same error as the right games backed up via the manager.

    Hope it helps.

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    cvp Guest
    EDIT: sorry no games => game but the same!

    EDIT2: the Name is right. i start the Game and he write self on the HDD the BLES Code. This is correct.

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