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    LibPS3GUI Library for PS3 Arrives with Connect 4 Demo Included

    Today giantpune has released a PSL1GHT-compatible LibPS3GUI library for PlayStation 3 developers, which includes a Connect 4 PS3 homebrew demo.

    Download: LibPS3GUI Library for PS3 with Connect 4 Demo

    To quote: This is a little demo for libps3gui by me. It is basically a port of libwiigui by tantric to work with psl1ght. To compile it, you need psl1ght, tiny3d, libfreetype, libvorbis, libmpg123, libaudioplayer, and libogg (this is made to work with the current versions as of 3/19/2011, but hopefully wont be broken by future versions). The connect4 engine was written by Keith Pomakis.

    It is intended to be used with the cursor (press L3 and use the left analog stick to move around), but it should be mostly functional just using the d-pad.

    As with libwiigui, it is licensed under GPLv2.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Pakatus Guest
    Pune is a monster. Another excellent work from him...

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Having not followed the Wii scene I'm not sure what this opens up for us, but I'm sure something great will come of this. Keep up the good work

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    Pakatus Guest
    You might realize something in the wii scene. GUI's are amazingly designed... specially for a poor processor's machine as the wii. (wiiflow anyone?!)

    This allows the design of more rich and easy to use GUI's (using and abusing the CELL processor capacities).

    This, i believe... its the very big start for PS3Flow

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