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    itxaka Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    I like that... that is better information than the 1% crash I get with R1... will look into that right now.
    Hi there, i had a lockup that i can reproduce everytime i want, with firmware 1.60 EUR, just have the Ridge Racer demo, enter on it, wait till it loads to the page and press the ps button and select "Quit Game" and it locks so badly i canīt even turn it off by the controller, i have to press 5 seconds the power button and then it starts blinking, beeps and shut off.

    This happens everytime i try it.

    I hope it helps!

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    skrapps Guest
    im thinking a hack similar to xbox's "softmod" hack can be done, using an audio file (referring to mordens audio hack 007 v3) and a game save..

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    internetfloozy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PRECiSE View Post
    ok I'm not sure if this helps at all. however being bored with my PS3 as I am, I went to the about Ps3 settings where the system update and all that good stuff in the XMB is located. I got to the bottom and noticed 2 things that stood out. libUNGIF and libTIFF trademarks or copyrights at the end. let the flaming or the fun begin. hope this helps. peace....Sui Generis
    LibTiff is one of the most insecure file types around I think, there is always buffer overflow related vulnerabilities with it, and libUNGIF isn't any better.

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    skrapps Guest
    Oh so i went over all the NFOs pdx released with its ripped games and one sticks out the most. MOTORSTORM
    here is the note from the motorstorm nfo "Hmzzz i think we have news to give do we? Ever wondered why the PS3 is such a better machine than a xbox360? simply because they implement too much stuff in one time! "SCEI" dont do that, you need to learn a bit more from Microsoft on this part even when they have forgotten a hypervision hack on kernel 4532 and 4548 they fixed it very fast! And what do we see on the PS3? Up until firmware 1.51 we still see holes! Why? You guys dont have the right persons to work with or is it just the pressure from the big boss? So for now dont update higher than 1.51 since 1.54 hasnt yet been tested, and 1.51 had a few tiny things fixed, but it didnt stop us much :-D Ohhh btw ever wondered if those updates are required on a disc? Actually all games up to now work without any update At least work fine on 1.32 :-) Thats all for now! So seeya tiff tiff and bye bye "
    while it states xbox 360 in the nfo note.. it is the regular xbox that was hacked via kernel 4532 and 4548 on the dashboard, not the xbox360.

    this is where im guessing it's the same loop hole with ps3. to get a loader working it must be similar to the softmod xbox trick done with xbox kernel 4532 and 4548.

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    internetfloozy Guest
    you getting things mixed up i think skrapps. It is the 360 which is possible to run unsigned code via a hypervision vulnerabilty.

    Critical (Unsigned Code Execution in Hypervisor Mode)


    Systems Affected:
    All Xbox 360 systems with a kernel version of 4532 (released Oct 31,
    2006) and 4548 (released Nov 30, 2006). Versions prior to 4532 are not
    affected. Bug was fixed in version 4552 (released Jan 09, 2007 - not a
    Patch Tuesday).

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    skrapps Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by internetfloozy View Post
    you getting things mixed up i think skrapps. It is the 360 which is possible to run unsigned code via a hypervision vulnerabilty.
    no no, im not getting mixed up google xbox softmods you'll see what i mean.

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    internetfloozy Guest
    I have softmodded about 100 xboxs over the last years I know whats up. My post above was a cut and paste from a website listing the 360 vulverability, how can it be wrong.

    XBOX Softmod Tutorial with
    Mordens Audio Hack 007 V3
    (V1.03) By SlimboyFatz.

    Equipment Needed:
    1. XBOX version 1.0/1.6 (with the 4920 Dashboard)
    2. Original copy of '007 - Agent Under Fire'
    3. Action Replay for XBOX
    4. Official 'Microsoft' Memory Card
    5. Mordens Audio Hack 007 V.3

    Im going to stop explaining it to you... unless you can prove im wrong.

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    deedie Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by skrapps View Post
    no no, im not getting mixed up google xbox softmods you'll see what i mean.
    you are mixed up mate. its the 360 that had this problem in those kernel versions

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    skrapps Guest
    sorry for the mix up i guess i was wrong, although i did google it and could have sworn it was those dashboard numbers on original xbox.. but yeah i have a feeling the way on ps3 is the same as the original xbox softmod... or like on the psp, the grand theft auto game save exploit.

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    illizit Guest
    I have the 1.60 and it does not crash, HOWEVER, when trying to copy the file to the internal HD it sort of gets stuck. You can cancel the copy but it never finishes... maybe something can be done here?
    Anyways, heres my two cents.

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