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Thread: libftphack

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    Sep 2010


    libftphack is a small host (PC) application I made to fix the FTP root problem.

    Initially I developed it inside Gaia Manager, but now I splitted it in another github repository.

    If you are developing an homebrew application (or an Open Manager mod) and you want to use Sonly libftp library you have to use that application to have FTP access to the /.

    You cannot use the literal string "/dev_hdd0/game/%s" in your homebrew, you have to use "/dev_hdd0/game/%s/" instead.

    it's a standard autoconf application, so you only need to do ./configure && make to build it.

    ./libftphack homebrew.elf

    You need to do it to the elf file BEFORE creating the EBOOT.BIN and the pkg file.

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    Jul 2008
    You cannot use "/dev_hdd0/game/%s" in your homebrew, you have to use "/dev_hdd0/game/%s/" instead.

    That looks like the exact same thing to me. Never mind, i see it now. You have to add that last "/" on the end.

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    Sep 2010
    people to share to in the future: not drizzt

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    fully functional...

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