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Thread: Let's discuss PS3 trophy transfer issues

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    nightwish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Greyfox13 View Post
    did you check if you can earn new trophies in games that have restored trophies?
    yes... worked... tested with my Profile and GT5 and with my son's profile and FIFA11.

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    Greyfox13 Guest
    Ok thank you nightwish, didn't get around to check other games yet been quite busy lately

    wonder if there are certain games on supporting it properly or if something is wrong with my system... (if anyone can report success/failure with infamous that would be quite helpful)

    well we will see..

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    clao Guest
    thank you, i've done the rebuild.. everything is still in place.

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    gizmol Guest
    Sorry for bumping this old thread, nontheless I wanted to ask if after:

    1. Making a backup to an external HDD (via usb).
    2. Backuping (ftp) the trophies and savegames directory.
    3. Putting the new hard drive into the ps3 (enabling JB and launching FTP)
    4. Recovering the ps3 content from the external HDD (via ps3 onto the new disc that sits inside).
    5. Putting the trophy information and savegames back into the proper ps3 directories on the ps3 via FTP.
    6. Rebuilding the datatbase through service mode.

    Will my psn games that I downloaded still work/be there? I really don't want to loose my psn content and I am quite short on gigs on my ps3 currently...

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    iskj3098ias Guest
    Greets, I have a question:

    Has anyone tried to make a trophy backup between accounts? I made a temporary account on my PS3 to try some JB games, and wanted to copy the trophies from the ones I eventually bought into my main account, but have no idea if this is possible.

    I'll try it regardless, but if anyone knows if it'll work or not I'd appreciate the intel.

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    juniorman1 Guest

    Unhappy Idea!!!!

    Hey buddy tHanks for your help but like many i'm lackin on hdds but i had an idea. What if you did your thing..

    Start Blackbox v1.2 or any FTPserver, then start your PC's ftp server.
    Went to /dev_hdd0/home/your user id/
    Copy the trophy folder inside to your PC
    Turn off your PS3 Then take out ofw 3.60 harddrive connect to pc via adapter transfered trophy folder to 3.60 hdd put back in ps3 rebuild database and see what happens

    LOL don't laugh at me if i'm wrong i'm new to this stuff..

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