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Thread: Let's discuss PS3 trophy transfer issues

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by videofx View Post
    How do I back up the trophies and gamesavedata before installing my new hard drive?

    FTP everything from HDD0 to the PC. Thats what I've done. I will be updating my HDD very soon. It's only a 250GB and its full. I have to keep deleting older games installed data just to play new games.

    Does this work for PSN games too? I got all of them backed up but if I FTP them back to the new HDD will they be playable? If they cant then I might as well just wait till a CFW comes out with PSN access then update the normal way and re-download everything from PSN.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Quick question guys, after you copy your trophies back to your PS3 via FTP and rebuild database. Can you guys actually play your games?

    The two games I tried this on, give me the issue "Registration of the trophy information could not be completed" and it exits me back to the XMB.

    On the XMB i can see all my previous trophies, and the dates they were unlocked. My issue is that I just cant play the games anymore, they kick me back out to the XMB.

    Would syncing these in PSN fix the issue? (I'm still on 3.41 but I would upgrade just to save my trophies)

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    ps3haze Guest
    I just did this and it works for the 2 games I tried so far... Little Big Planet and Ratchet and Clank - Crack in time.

    LBP worked straight off and Ratchet said the game data was corrupt but it did work. I haven't earned a new trophy yet but all my old ones are there still.

    As a little background I'll tell you what I did. I was on OFW 3.41 using my jailbreak. I did a total backup of my HDD using a file manager and using the backup/restore option in XMB. I put a totally fresh HDD in my PS3 and let it format. I tried a downgrade to 3.15 which failed (orig firmware was 3.40 so I expected this but I had to try )

    After all I got it to take 3.41 modified and then installed 3.41 OFW from the recovery menu. I went through backup/restore on the XMB again and restored my HDD fully except trophies. I think I lost Bluray and DVD as well (I checked my flash 3 and my CRL and DRL files are dated Dec 1979) will have to test further. EDIT - DVD works, I can only assume Bluray does too.

    I restored my trophies using the instructions above, rebuilt the database and bammo my trophies look just like they did as before.
    Also I did not lose my game saves when rebuilding but I backed them up just in case.

    hope that helps.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I had no trouble going from same system to new HDD by doing a full copy of dev_hdd0 to the new HDD, the doing a database restoration.

    Got all my trophies and PSN titles transfered

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    Greyfox13 Guest
    After transferring the trophies using ftw and reruilding the database etc is anyone able to unlock new trophies?

    Tried it with Infamous after an Hard-Drive upgrade transfer worked like a charm all old trophies are listed and percentage is correct how ever even after achieving goals for the remaining trophies nothing happened (and its just the easy ones left like the ones you get when playing with positive karma) deleting the trophy data and letting infamous rewrite it and loading up the old save games allowed me to gain trophies again (like maximum positive karma).

    Does anyone know what has to be altered so i can tell the game to continue unlocking on my old data? (because well whats the purpose behind transferring trophies if i cant gain new ones...)

    i'm on 3.55 kmeaw using blackbox 1.2 and cuteftp to connect to it if its of any importance. And the upgrade was from 80gb to 640gb (so yes its a fat ps3)

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    clao Guest
    also, a new question: does rebuilding database remove the games installed on internal disk?

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    nightwish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by clao View Post
    also, a new question: does rebuilding database remove the games installed on internal disk?
    no it doesn't... I backed up my old HDD by std. SonyBackupTool and the Trophy Folder by Multiman. after restoring the backup to the new HDD all Games and installed Tools (installed by MultiMan) are available again ^^ after transferring the TrophyFolder back to the new HDD and rebuilding the Database... everything works perfectly!!!


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    Greyfox13 Guest
    did you check if you can earn new trophies in games that have restored trophies?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Trophies can't be back-upped in a genuine way. There are ways that you can save the files with FTP but it is known that it does not work. Also you cannot sync with PSN when you use any device/program to alter files on the PS3.

    Save games can be back-upped with the "legal" programs on the PS3.

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    Greyfox13 Guest
    Saying that it does not work is quite harsh as this thread effiecently proves it is possible to some extend. Now i'm just trying to find out if its just a personal problem im experiencing here or the extend of the backing up is really that limited. (limited to restoring old date while preventing new trophies from being obtained)

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