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Thread: Lamers Have PS3 HDD Decrypted Tutorial, Sony Now Knows!

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    NDT Guest

    Exclamation Lamers Have PS3 HDD Decrypted Tutorial, Sony Now Knows!

    This working of knightsolidus with me was supposed to be private, but now DemonHades leaked it and then Pirate (Shazim Mohammad) posted it like a fool before work was done. We try to control it by put fake but now is too late -- THANKS FOR NOTHING GUYS!

    This part is also lie, it was NOT EVER brought to public attention by knightsolidus: "knightsolidus stumbled upon this during his research and brought it to the public's attention."

    He ask them to remove it from their page, they did not respect and post it more like basters!

    Regard to SKFU, he is right in some parts.. I was excited of seeing new files, until I find they were only from debug like CJPC said already. Also, is true so far we only remove the HDD crypt so this not much help until file crypt is beaten.

    All this is truth also of SKFU: You get a few sprx, rco and xml files, possible a few more types but those are useless unless you can remove the encryption of the file itself. But you can't yet. So the only thing you can do for example is getting the firmware part which is on the HDD.

    But these are only UNPACKED files, NOT DECRYPTED files. You may be able to replace several firmware files ye, so if replacing some text in the XMB or an icon is a custom firmware for you, have fun with the knowledge that this may brick your PS3 and is useless as hell.

    Last, from now on knightsolidus work no more with them to stop such leakings from happen again.

    NDT ;-)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Thanks for clearing this up NDT, I have made this a STICKY for now too.

    Hopefully we can get back to regular Dev stuff now that doesn't involve all this drama caused by people like DemonHades and Pirate, such as this work by XVISTAMAN2005 with idone's help:

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, I want to reinforce what NDT said, specifically this will not really help too many people (which is why it should NOT have been public) as you can not stick the drive in your PC and decrypt it. We believe it uses some form of AES to encrypt the data (just like the flash filesystem).

    Although certain chunks of data can be decrypted with this method, its mostly the luck of the draw. Random encrypted data is being swapped around, with no table, no filesystem, basically shooting in the dark, which makes it nearly impossible to know what files you have, where they belong, or even their file names!

    Now, assuming someone spent the time to decrypt the entire drive, find a filesystem, map it all out, it would be a step in the right direction, but that could take forever to accomplish.

    However, with the exception of some assets, such as pictures and videos in certain areas (ie, photo/video, and some game data), everything on the hard disk drive (and the flash, too) is encrypted with yet another layer of encryption (namely, the SELF encryption). For example, take a game that was bought and installed via PSN. With the exception of the SFO, and PNG's, the SELF, and many packaged assets are all still encrypted!

    Finally, any flash data stored on the HDD, is yet again, encrypted, so alas, no help there!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    how do you know sony knows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    how do you know sony knows?
    If I had to guess, aside from Sony reading public Web sites and Forums, perhaps word reached the Dev circle from someone at the "big $" too. In any case, bad news indeed (same as the R:FOM hole, Linux 3D GPU access, BD-J support without a disc, etc).

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    reorampage Guest
    Great, so thanks to one idiot now Sony might soon be taking steps to stop the slight opening? Gotta love humans.

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    Well, actually two idiots... Demon for leaking the info (without permission from knightsolidus) on his Spanish page, and Pirate for posting the English tutorial for the rest of the world and not removing it even when asked by knightsolidus himself.

    As I said in the chatbox, it's going to suck if they get somewhere with it and Sony patches it making their efforts worthless now.

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    JeffJ Guest
    some people are just douche bags. its just that simple. what to spoil it for the rest of the devs. now anything developed from this partial HDD advancement will be useless as Sony will patch it for sure. Way to go Demon you hose bag.

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    sharks Guest

    Yet another cloud in the sky for PS3 Liberalism...

    This is indeed extremely annoying and disappointing. One would think that DemonHades and Pirate have received some sort of gratification or payment of sorts to leak this highly Dev classified information.

    How could these two silly bitches be even allowed to have access or get close to the Dev quarters? Beats me... Maybe there should be some closer inspection of personality test before enrolling double-crossers like these two dumb shits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharks View Post
    How could these two silly bitches be even allowed to have access or get close to the Dev quarters?
    Well, until the recent fallout knightsolidus was working with DemonHades... so that is how it happened. None of us knew what a lamer Demon was until this happened (he never use to be like this), and as a result he lost many friends.

    As for Pirate, he was never in the loop to begin with and always will be completely clueless... all he can do is post what is leaked to him to try getting traffic off other Dev's work (all he's done for the last 2 years).

    If you ever want to know just how clueless Pirate is, search, or for "Agurus" posts and have a laugh at all the newbie questions he posts.

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