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Thread: Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

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    moja Guest
    Awesome! I was just wondering if there was an update to this! Thanks!

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    Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port by Lachrymose Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 developer lachrymose has released a Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 port for fans of the classic homebrew game, followed by revision R2 below which allows loading game data from USB and fixes a critical bug.

    Download: Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port / Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port R2 Bug Fix / Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port R2 Bug Fix (Mirror) / Super Mario War.rar (4.XX Resigned) / Super Mario War 4.xx.rar (Mirror) by STLcardsWS

    To quote: I've ported the classic homebrew game, "Super Mario War" to the PlayStation 3. It is created with SDL by these awesome fellows.

    For those not familiar, it's a 2D action vs game with up to 4 players. You can even have bots with quite good AI! It's a really great game to be honest. I wouldn't have ported it if it wasn't in my interest.

    Everything is working from what I can tell. I only have one controller so I can't test multi-player (can someone test this for me, please?) I believe it should work. Keyboards are also supported.

    • X - jump
    • Square - sprint/powerup
    • Start - Pause
    • Select - Exit game prompt
    • Dpad - Movement / menu navigation

    Installation Instructions:
    • Download the archive
    • Move the "smw" folder to the root of your ps3 hard drive with a file manager. If this is not done, the game will not run. ex: dev_hdd0:/smw/
    • Install the package file or run the self
    • Start the game and have fun. The music rules.

    Changes in R2 Bug Fix: Bugs should be fixed for everyone, please delete the previous version. You can now install the smw to the root of a usb stick and the program will find it. HDD is still supported and recommended if your usb is not usb2.0. I tried a usb 1.1 stick and it lagged a little. People who upgrade need to re-install the smw folder, please. Sorry, but now it should work for everyone.

    [imglink=|Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port by Lachrymose Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port by Lachrymose Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Super Mario War v1.8 PS3 Homebrew Port by Lachrymose Arrives][/imglink]
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    niwakun Guest
    Nintendo invades Sony

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    NTA Guest
    Man it sucks not having a PS3 controller. Really want to try this out

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This is a great homebrew game for PC , it's much better playing it with a SNES/ NES styled controller for the PC, it gives you that authentic feeling of playing a Mario game.

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    Tiger007 Guest
    Looks Funny. What's the resolution? Is it possible to run the game in 720p or 1080p??

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    HeyManHRU Guest

    Neo Tanks v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Now Available

    Following up on the initial release, today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has released a Windows port of the PS3 homebrew game entitled Neo Tanks version 0.2.

    Download: Neo Tanks v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game

    To quote: Here is a update/port/remake/whatever of Neo Tanks. It was originally made over 9000 years ago for Windows, eventually remade for PS3 with the leaked SDK, later ported as my first 3D Wii release and is now back on PS3 via PSL1GHT.

    It's still pretty much a glorified screen saver and it actually performs worse then it's first PS3 version made with the leaked SDK and it's Wii counterpart (rendering polygons on screen seems to be rather slow with PSL1GHT).

    PS3 controls:
    • Left analog stick = Move
    • Right analog stick = Turn camera
    • R1 = Shoot

    [imglink=|Neo Tanks v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Now Available][/imglink]
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    Cheers for posting the update HeyManHRU, I have now promoted it to the main page and +Rep!

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    ThatOtherDev PS3 Homebrew and Source Code Updates

    Today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has released several updated builds and source code for his recent PS3 homebrew games followed by another My PS3 Projects - Feb 17, 2012 update for those interested.

    To quote from his page: Here are freshly compiled copies of everything I’ve ever released for PS3 since I began using PSL1GHT (with the exclusion of Avoidance which I’m just going to pretend I never ported).

    Many of them have been updated but mostly in fairly trivial ways. The player turns to face the direction they are moving in Gambol, one of the levels in Swingball 2 has been remade, Goodbye World has been largely rewritten but should look and play the same as before, The Unmapped Forest has an added title screen, etc.

    Perhaps more significantly, I have uploaded the up to date source code for all of it. You can download the archive here. It’s worth noting that it is just the source code for my projects. If you want the old copy of PSL1GHT that I’ve been using to compile things then you can get that here.

    I'll be taking a short break now from PS3 homebrew. There are some Wii things I want to work on. I'll probably/possibly/maybe be done in a couple weeks. Let me know what you would like me to give priority to once I am.

    Update: Here (via are some very small updates. The projection matrix is being properly calculated now so it takes into account the actual aspect ratio and uses the correct FOV resulting in the games looking more like their Wii and Windows counterparts (though some of them still noticeably fall short in other ways).

    In addition to that the games that previously instructed you to press the A button to start the game now correctly tell you to press the X button. When playing in Neo Tanks you now only shoot when holding the R1 button. There have been some changes made to the ship in Neo Trail and the symbols have been removed from the sides of blocks.
    • Cherophobe v1.1
    • Cylinder Dodge v1.1
    • Gambol v0.3
    • Hero City v0.6
    • Neo Tanks v0.3
    • Neo Trail v0.2

    You can download the source code for all of my publicly released PS3 stuff (since I switched to using PSL1GHT and with the exception of Avoidance). The last time I uploaded source for my PS3 stuff was before I made Neo Trail and a few other things and anyways the hosting sites I used at the time (fileserve and mulitupload) have effectively shut down so this is the only place to get it right now.

    Update 2: PS3 homebrew source code + PSL1GHT

    To quote (via

    Here is an archive with the source code for the most recent PS3 versions of the following games.
    • Cascade Beneath
    • Cherophobe
    • Cylinder Dodge
    • Don't Get Crushed
    • Elongated Reptile
    • Gambol
    • Goodbye World
    • Hero City
    • Maze Generator
    • Neo Tanks
    • Neo Trail
    • Sketch Fight
    • Slime Roll
    • Swingball 2
    • That Other Pong
    • The Jarred Mind 3
    • The Unmapped Forest
    • They Do Not Die 2
    • UFO Racer
    • We Are Nowhere
    • Winter’s End

    The archive also contains the extremely outdated pre compiled copy of PSL1GHT that I used to develop those games.

    Download: ThatOtherDev's PS3 Homebrew Games' Source Code as of 6/06/12

    [imglink=|ThatOtherDev PS3 Homebrew and Source Code Updates][/imglink]
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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    Thanks for all the source and updates OtherDev!! Should keep me happily busy for quite some time, i'll send feedback when i can.

    btw- the fileserve link for the psl1ght platform says the file is no longer available..

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