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Thread: Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

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    Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

    Today Lachrymose has Tweeted about his latest release, namely a PS3 homwbrew game which he calls BreakOutX v0.2.

    Download: BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game

    To quote: "Lachrymose has shared with ps3exploits his latest game development BreakOutX.

    The game features 5 levels, Brick difficulty, and Ball physics.

    Source is included in the download below; don't forget to follow him on twitter!"

    BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homwbrew Game Features:

    - A menu system that doesn't suck! :D
    - 5 levels
    - Brick difficulty
    - Ball "physics"

    He also notes the following, to quote: "Source is messy, I copied some of the code from parts of PSPong. I didn't clean it up much."

    In related news, ThatOtherPerson has released another PS3 homebrew game dubbed Maze Generator v1.0 and Source Code.

    To quote: "Maze Generator is a simple game I've made with randomly generated mazes. You play as a red circle and can navigate the mazes using the directional pad. A new maze is generated when you reach the red square at the end.

    Unlike the previously released Wii and PC versions it doesn’t have music, a textured background, a menu, or multiple options for maze sizes and you cant watch the mazes being generated. But what it does have that they lacked is a 3d camera system. You can move it around freely using the analog sticks.

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue working on improving this. I’m fairly happy with how it is already but if people like it or have any suggestions for improvements then I’ll gladly return to working on it."

    He also made available a PS3 tech demo called Cubicle Shooter v0.1 followed by Cubicle Shooter v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC, Cubicle Shooter v0.3 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC, Cubicle Shooter v0.4 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC, Cubicle Shooter v0.5 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC, Cubicle Shooter v0.6 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC and Cubicle Shooter v0.7 PS3 Homebrew Tech Demo and SRC.

    v0.7 changes:

    You can now shoot other players in split screen multiplayer (still no player death but you get pushed back when shot).
    You are taller now. You can crouch back to your previous shortness by holding down the right analog stick. You automatically crouch when there isn’t enough room to stand.
    Enemies in multiplayer will approach the nearest player (they would previously only follow player one).
    Enemies no longer spawn inside the cube at the start of the game so you wont encounter them until you blast through the wall (It was beginning to feel a little bit too crowded).
    The kill counter has been replaced with a score system. You get 10 points each time you shoot a cubicle dweller. The scores are tracked separately for each player.
    textured stars onto the sky.
    Set a limit to how deep you can dig into the ground (the limit is fairly deep and I don’t expect it will be a problem for anyone).
    Fixed the scope in multiplayer.
    Some improvements to performance.

    v0.6 changes:

    I believe I’ve corrected what was causing the previous version to crash for a lot of people.
    Added two player split screen multiplayer
    Added a menu system
    Added the ability to record a screenshot (its saved to any USB storage device that is connected)
    Chairs can be shot now (they don’t break but they get pushed back)
    Added computers (they are treated similarly to how chairs are treated)
    Now you shoot when you first press R1 regardless of how much or little time has gone since you last shot (so you can shoot faster by quickly tapping R1 then you do from just holding it down)
    Jumping now only happens when you first press X (holding it down wont make you repeatedly jump every time you hit the ground)
    I removed the triangle for reverse view thing

    v0.5 changes:

    - Improved frame rate.
    - The enemy count has been raised from 25 to 100.
    - Added movable chairs.
    - Added a loading screen.
    - Added running. Just hold down the left analog stick well moving forward to enable it. The camera does a nice wobble from side to side when your running.
    - Added camera zoom. Hold down L1 to enable the scope. Turning speed is a bit slower when zoomed in which makes it easier to aim at things in the distance.
    - Added a little bit of momentum / smoothing on the camera rotation. Its faster and more responsive then it is in Killzone 2 but it enough to make it feel smoother and it makes it a bit easier to make slight aiming adjustments.
    - Increased rate of fire again.
    - Corrected the width of the 2D elements (the on screen text and the reticule) to take into account the screens aspect ratio. The scope for the newly added camera zoom disregards this and stretches to fit the screen.
    - Once again game saving/loading has been updated to work with the new additions so your old game save wont work correctly.
    - By holding down triangle you can split the screen in two with the bottom half displaying whats behind you. Its a feature that I don’t really intend to leave it but its a test and a small first step towards split screen multiplayer.

    V0.4 changes:

    - Improved textures for enemies.
    - Enemies are now animated.
    - Enemies die when shot.
    - Enemies are infinitely re-spawning.
    - There is now a textured and deformable ground (this differs from the destructible walls and is instead more reminiscent of the ground deformation in fracture)
    - The debug text has been replaced with larger and more legible sprite based text
    - The rate of fire has been doubled
    - The maximum number of cuboids that walls can be sub divided into has been doubled
    - Game saving and loading has once again been updated to reflect the changes

    As an added bonus having this installed will allow the text (including your score and high score) to load and be correctly displayed on screen for Dont Get Crushed v0.1.

    V0.3 changes:

    - There are now enemies represented with a textured 3d model
    - Enemies turn to face you, move towards you, fall from gravity, have the same collision detection as you, bump into both you and each other, and are pushed back when shot
    - Game saves are now stored on the internal hard drive
    - Games saves now record blasts and enemies

    V0.2 changes:

    - Added a wall texture
    - Added game saving and loading (usb storage device needed)
    - Removed the floating up and down controls
    - Added player gravity
    - Added jumping
    - Added momentum to the players movement
    - Added player on wall collision detection
    - Fixed problems with blast on wall collision detection
    - Removed the red impact block


    Move – Left analog stick
    Aim – Right analog stick
    Shooter – R1
    Jump – X
    Save – Select
    Load – Start

    To quote: "Here is a tech demo for a first person shooter I’m working on. Everything in it is now and will continue to be completely destructible. Use the left analog stick the move, right analog stick to aim, R1 to shoot.

    There is no gravity at the moment but you can use the triangle and X buttons to move up and down. There is also no set objective or challenge at this point. It really is just a pure tech demo.

    But I think its still pretty cool already. So have some fun digging into walls and let me know what you think of it."

    ThatOtherPerson also has made available a PS3 homebrew 3D RPG titled The World Drowns v0.1s with comes with source code.

    To quote: "The World Drowns is (or will be) a 3D homebrew PS3 action RPG game.

    To be clear I want to begin by saying that I don’t actually recommend anyone bother with downloading this. It is not a particularly accurate representation of my expectations for the final game. At this stage in development it is simply a non game comprised of a hacked together sequence of kludges. Its garbage.

    Well making it its purpose was primarily for testing out obj format mesh loading. The reasoning for posting it though is simply that I thought it would be easier to attract artists if I had some form of a demo to show for the game that I want them to contribute to.

    I’m looking for people to create the 3d models, textures and eventually animations for the characters and environments. So if your interested in pitching in then let me know."

    We also have Cascade Beneath v0.1 with source code from ThatOtherPerson, which is a a simple clone of the equally simple game Fall Down. Use the left analog stick to move left and right and try to keep from getting pushed off the top of the screen for as long as possible.

    ThatOtherPerson released Neo Tanks v0.1 with source code and a video (below), which is an early version of a simple tank game involving two large armies and he made available with a video Neo Race v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game And Source Code followed by Neo Race v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game And Source Code, stating the following:

    "This is an early build of a racing game with sixaxis controls. Just tilt your PS3 controller left and right to turn and hold X to accelerate.

    It has a similar art style (because its incredibly quick and easy to make art assets that looks like this by comparison to making something pseudo photo realistic) as Neo Tanks but they are otherwise completely unrelated.

    At the moment all you can do is go around the track and possibly drive off it and onto the buildings bellow. But there will eventually be actual racing, split screen multiplayer and (here comes what I consider the mildly cool part which will still be totally unimpressive by comparison to ModNation Racer but is kinda nice next to Track Mania) an in game track editor which will NOT be limited to a grid.

    I know I start too many side projects but I’m not abandoning anything. I’ve been doing a good job of going back and improving on Cubicle Shooter and I do intend to do the same with this and everything else. In fact the next thing I’m planning to work on is fixing up Dont Get Crushed."

    "I put together an updated version of Neo Race. It doesn’t have everything I wanted to get into it but I probably wont be working on PS3 stuff much until next month so I figured I would just post what I have done now.

    There is some simple lighting now. You move a little faster. Some changes to the controls (the sixaxis steering has been left unchanged) have been made and there have been some other little things changed. There was going to be some old style full screen motion blur and zoom tied to your speed but it turned out being unusable slow on PS3 (which is odd considering how well it worked on my antiquated PC).

    More importantly though I’ve added a track editor. Its far from done but it is incredibly easy to use so you can put together tracks very quickly and you can save whatever you make. You can only have one saved track at a time (there is no race track selection screen yet) but you can exit out of the editor and then play what you where working on without needing to save so you can play around with it without overwriting whatever you have saved.

    If you want to get your saved track from of your PS3 (using a file manager or FTP client) and store it elsewhere or share it it’s the “track.txt” file located at “/dev_hdd0/game/NEOR66666/USRDIR/”. I would love to see anything you make.

    I would really like to know what everyone would like to see done with the track editor. Are there any kinds of freely place able objects that you would like to have? Would you like to be able to control the width of the track? Do you like the way that each checkpoint in the track is automatically rotated (which makes it a lot less time consuming to lay out the track and have nice turns) or would you prefer to have control over their rotation? How do you feel about the buildings? Any input would be appreciated."

    PS3 Controls:

    Move – Left analog stick
    Aim – Right analog stick
    Shoot – R1

    ThatOtherPerson shared That Other Space Shooter v0.1 and a video below. To quote:

    Sorry if the vids a bit disorienting. I think something went wrong with the recording. I slowed it down to half speed but it still seems faster then the actual game.

    Its been a month now since I released anything for PS3 so here is something new. Its a flight sim although I’m not really sure if that is the correct term considering that its not simulating real world flight. I started it almost a week ago and intended it to be like a one day project that I would be able to just throw together and then return to working on my other games. But I kept running into problems and its still heavily flawed and incomplete.

    It uses sixaxis motion controls for steering, L2 and R2 make you spin, L1 is for shooting and R1 is for acceleration. Pressing select inverts the controls for turning up and down.

    There is no credit screen yet but there is a LOT of borrowed stuff that went into making this game. I’ll list it all out later.

    Feedback is as always greatly appreciated. Its a genre that I’m not particularly familiar with (the only flight sim I’ve ever played much of was the PC version of Incoming and that was ten years ago) so I could definitely use some guidance. Whats your favorite thing about modern flight sims?

    Some suggestions on the enemies behavior and movement would be especially appreciated. At the moment I find it to be simultaneously too easy and too difficult. As long as you keep moving its almost impossible to get hit by the enemy blasts. But unless you just stop and turn around its also fairly difficult and time consuming to ever shoot them.

    Slowing their move speed would make it impossible for them to keep up with you but increasing it would make it impossible to turn and shoot them well you are still moving. Slowing their turn speed would make it even easier to avoid being shot by them but increasing it would once again make it impossible to turn and shoot them well you are still moving. Maybe having them alternate between actually following you directly and just circling around you might work...

    Finally, ThatOtherPerson made available a The Untitled Project v0.1 for PS3 followed by The Untitled Project v0.2 for PS3 which includes a larger world and improved game saving with source code alongside a video below, to quote:

    The Untitled Project is (or will be) a sandbox (massive and open ended streaming city) science fiction (think cyberpunk not space opera) RPG.

    The setting and a few other things are different but it is in a way a spiritual successor to what The world Drowns would have been. This time around though I’m just doing all the art assets myself.

    Use the left analog stick to move
    right analog stick to move
    X to jump
    left/right on the directional pad to turn on/off a test texture
    up/downt on the directional pad to increase/decrease the draw distance

    The demo will occasionally freeze when loading. I know why it does this and will be correcting it soon.

    [imglink=|Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Lachrymose BreakOutX v0.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Poopsqueege Guest
    Awesome! I can't wait to try it out, and look at the source code!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yeah a Hyperballoid HD rival.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Yeah, homebrew, the more the better! Maybe in the future we can make games as good as $ony's!

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    JifDaKiwi Guest
    Yay! Breakout! Smash dem bricks

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    JayzoRz Guest
    breakoutX crashes through "Quit Game" so def not having this game. Hate to jailbreak my ps3 game twice to just play more then 1 game

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    More PS3 homebrew game files for the first post...

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    More PS3 homebrew game files for the first post...

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    Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released

    Following up on his initial release, today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has updated his PS3 homebrew game Maze Generator to version 1.2.

    Download: Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game

    To quote: This is an update/remake of Maze Generator for PS3. For anyone that doesn’t know Maze Generator was actually the first thing I ever made for PS3. It was originally made with the leaked SDK but has been redone using PSL1GHT and will now work on CFW.

    It now also has a lot more in common with it’s Wii version and features a title screen, textured background, multiple maze sizes and the option to watch the maze being randomly generated. It also keeps track of how many times you have finished mazes.

    Just use the left analog stick to navigate the maze.

    [imglink=|Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Maze Generator v1.2 PS3 Homebrew Game is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    A good game for people you like to mentally challenge themselves. I can't stand mazes so this game isn't for me.

    Good to see ThatOtherDev in action though.

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