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    Sep 2008

    Question Killzone 3 Beta & PS JAILBREAK

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to boot Killzone 3 Beta on my PS3 JB

    What is happening when i try to boot is it gives me error:

    "This Content cannot be accessed on your account (80029513)"
    What i did is i download this game by Downloading and installin PKG, so i captured a link to PKG of Killzone 3 Beta from my friend and simply downloaded file to my External Hdd and then installed on my Jailbroken PS3.

    Any solutions? I think the problem is in a check that is in Game's files, i think maybe its Param.SFO or Eboot.pbp

    Any ideas? Or Solutions?

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    Apr 2005
    Even with all the "backdoors" we have right now you still need to be signed into a PSN account that was on the Beta invite list.

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    Sep 2008
    maybe spoof somehow? Get information of a user that is in Beta list and spoof?

    Really THANK YOU for answer!!!

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    Apr 2010
    You probably have to get the beta, since I got the lpb 2 beta and psn back I was able to download it and play it.

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