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    Apr 2005

    kha0S Linux v3.0 Image for AsbestOS on PlayStation 3 Arrives

    Today kha0S has made available a modified Linux image dubbed kha0S v3.0 for AsbestOS on PlayStation 3.

    Download: kha0S Linux v3.0 / kha0S Linux v3.0 (Mirror)

    To quote: This is a modified version of Linux or we can say Debian in this case where it will make AsbestOS much more smoother to work with the PS3. Here are the release notes taken from kha0S's official site.

    RELEASE NOTES for kha0S Linux Img v3.0 All credits go to Kmeaw and marcan work.

    RELEASE NOTES for v3.0
    • Changed ext4 mount options from default to noatime (decrease IO to disk).
    • Created swap file (128M). General PS3 system response feels smoother.
    • Added support for /home in “external” partition. See INSTALL.TXT for instructions on how to use it.

    RELEASE NOTES for v.2b
    • Fixed udev rules, so ethernet device is always eth0.

    RELEASE NOTES for v.2
    • Increased size of image to 2G (~800M free!)
    • Fixed network configuration – dhcp enabled in the right interface
    • Changed Debian repository / added contrib and non-free archives
    • Upgraded Debian release to testing (wheezyyyyyy)
    • Installed x11vnc – allow remote access to an existing X session
    • Installed ftp server (proftpd) – login with ps3 user
    • Added ps3 user to sudoers
    • Installed ps3-utils package
    • Installed locales-all package
    • Fix for date/time problem. Installed ntpdate package. Sync date/time with: ntpdate pool.ntp.org
    • FIX: Remove IPv6 kernel modules (causing some kernel Oops). Fixed ssh server crash at boot.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    Great News! Having linux on the PS3 again, is a gem.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    So what are the benefits of Linux on the PS3?

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    Jes03 Guest
    I tried 3 versions of Linux on PS3 and this is the only one that worked. I first tried v2 and it worked and I just realised this V3 is the same thing. It's debian and its a stripped version. It's the bare bones of Linux but it works.

    Not sure how much as I didn't give it a good go as I don't like it. I'm still waiting for a good release of Ubuntu.

    How do you install Linux on the PS3? Do I have to do it via a virtual pc on the PC and copy the image to the PS3? OR can I install it from disc like YDL?

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    I'm not sure, different methods exists for different firmwares. They're all in their infant stages as of now. One current method is like a network boot over lan using your pc.

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    fudgelmir Guest
    In my mind, the best aspect of the OtherOS is the ability to manage and download backups to the ps3 hdd directly. Torrents, etc...

    I like to think of it as a nice plan B.

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    rayman1ray Guest
    Does anyone know why AsbestOS Installer doesn't create the Dev_Rwflash after running the asbestOS?

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    montelwwe Guest
    No usb have to be plugged in when you launch AsBestOS.

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    But we still don't have a proper video driver right? I'll pass for now then.

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    pjmiller435 Guest
    No they were so close originally, hence why PlayStation took away linux. They were so close to a lot of things actually, lol.

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