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Thread: KaKaRoTo on The PSGroove / PSFreedom PS3 Payload Mess

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    farenheit Guest
    Cheers evilsperm


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    FMAranda Guest
    The latest hexes for PIC18FXXX related. Compatible with all PL3 supported firmwares.

    Special thanks to our mate iLLNESS for his great work with PSGrooPIC. The credit goes all to him.

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    ligator Guest
    I noticed this version, there is a bug psgroove of Kakarot or I think when you load a game does not work without disk,the folder / app_home/ps3_game / gives error that used gaia latest version manager.

    places that have the Playle 3 of Hermes, fix the waninkoko and the Mathieulh, but I see that brings other improvements.

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    psp1mp Guest
    hmm, i updated my hermes v3 board to the teensy 1.0 board revision, and it loads open manager just fine, but doesnt mount the game under /app_home/PS3_GAME/ or under the disk. what am i doing wrong?

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    If this is to become the standard could we please get a version that works with the TI-84?

    Tried using the pre-compiled version attached to this thread, and compiling it myself. It will not work with the above!

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by coleix View Post
    yeah, what kakaroto said that hermes pretty much didn't know what he was doing. Which payload is better right now?
    Hermes v3 with patches (HWM)

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    me1972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    These are for all boards so far compiled. yes it has olimex 8mhz so stop asking, and for you Germans it has openkubus
    the problem is that open kubus is not even open kubus. it depends on the chipset. it would be nice if people will understand this. for example i own a open kubus with 90usb162 - this is usabel with teensy 1.0. but there is also ATMega16-U4 and AT90USB1287.

    Just to declare that open kubus is not open kubus at all :-)

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    Apr 2005
    For anyone seeking it, here is PSFreedom Zaxtron Front End Multi PS3 Firmware And Multi Payload (also added to the first post now).

    v0.1 - 10/19/2010

    - Front End, select the firmware and payload using volume controls
    - Can run as much times you want without reboot the iPhone, it just reloads the Front End
    - Integrated Watchdog, if you miss the timing just wait for the timeout of 2 mins, the Front End reloads and you can try again


    PSFreedom : Version 1.1 commit 11dc4bc3fcc198af976c - 19/10/2010
    Payloads : PL3, PL3+peek+poke, Dump elfs
    Firmwares : 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, 3.41
    Kernel :, Specially compiled to run psfreedom, without copyrighted Apple firmwares (touchscreen and WiFi), no extra drivers.
    Ramdisk : Not needed, just use the android.img.gz (8b) because openIboot require a ramdisk

    Tested on:

    - iPhone 3G / PS3 Fat v3.41
    v0.3 - 10/24/2010 Zaxtron iphone 2g/3g Front End uptdated to v.03 Now with ipod touch 1g support.

    - Fixed support for iPod Touch 1G, now you can cycle through all FW versions and payloads just pressing Power button (works on iPhone too)
    - Improved message system to help PS3 Slim users figure out the exact moment to unplug USB
    - Access to iPhone nand storage (/private/var), on Front End v3 first run it creates a folder under /private/var called psfreedom, this folder contains all firmwares used by Front End. Now You can manage the payloads - add, remove, change. (only psfreedom v1.1 compatible payloads)
    - Payloads added to the "all" folder are not firmware dependent and will be available for selection on Front End for all PS3 Firmware.
    - Timeout changed to 1 min.
    - Once fired, it will display the time remaining to Timeout occur.
    - All current payloads already added (23 total)
    PSFreedom 1.1 - Updated Payloads for Zaxtron Front End (adds payloads for FW 2.76, 3.21, and 3.40.

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    zzk2001 Guest
    what about a .hex file for PIC18F2455 ? or can i use one of the hex files in the list for my PIC18F2455 board?

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    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zzk2001 View Post
    what about a .hex file for PIC18F2455 ? or can i use one of the hex files in the list for my PIC18F2455 board?
    You can use one of the hexes above on post #63.

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