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    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    You can compile the dev payload if you need peek&poke.
    Yeah, and it looks like the current dev payload is an older version, so you need to patch in the latest changes yourself or modify default payload to include dev syscalls.

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    standarization is the foundation of everything, so lets make it work (wish I could help)

    Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the scene so far and future once as well.

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    Very long story, probably took a while to Kakaroto

    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    p.s. OpenManager 1.17 uses my syscall35 implementation WITHOUT any thanks or linkbacks
    such things never ends, maybe you should "take an action" ?
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    Okey I have a question if someone could answer. I'm pretty noobish at this stuff so I would appreciate if someone can help me out.

    I have HTC Wildfire with PS freedom and Open Manager 1.13 and everything works fine exept controller problem in some games like Rock Band 2 and F1. it allways shows guitar as Microphone and it does that only in rock band 2, RB 1 works fine.

    Is there any way I can fix this? I have PS freedom with recovery custom rom and it gives me this options in recovery mode:

    - Allow Backup
    - Allow Backup + Peek & Poke syscalls
    - Homebrew Only
    - Homebrew Only + Peek & Poke syscalls
    - Possibility to load other payloads from SDCARD

    So if anyone can tell me step by step what I should do to fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    These are for all boards so far compiled. yes it has olimex 8mhz so stop asking, and for you Germans it has openkubus
    Hi evil, your ZIP archive is still missing the OpenKubus AT90USB1287 16MHz files I suggested yesterday.
    For all who are using this board, I attached the hex files (succesfully tested).
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by drizzt84 View Post
    To use that in psfreedom you need to use an OLD psfreedom version, before PL3 (like 1.0) and to extract the payload using

    [Register or Login to view code]

    then you can load it using

    [Register or Login to view code]

    in the n900 (or android?) shell

    p.s. OpenManager 1.17 uses my syscall35 implementation WITHOUT any thanks or linkbacks
    Thanks the first part works great, but i don't really get the second part.

    Should I use this command after the

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    I tried this payload, the usbtinymkii_at90usb162_16mhz_firmware_3_41 version, and it didnt work. The PS3 boots, usb board LED changes from red to green (like it should) but after that it turns off (the led)! Try to mount a game and nothing happens.. It doesnt work..

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    Kakaroto is doing an impressive job for the scene, however even if Hermes has done things the wrong way, he did make some great contributions.

    Kararoto is right, we need to set the standards now, otherwise the scene will go in every way.

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    Can someone upload the latest complete source for KakaRoto please?

    Ive tried downloading it from his git but its not complete. Ta.

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    Here you go

    Up to date as of today source and hex files:

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