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  1. #31
    SaveU Guest
    is this fix incorporated into the android.img.gz for the iphone3g?

  2. #32
    megarun2010 Guest
    Well sol here's Hermes V4 payload for TI-84 and i must say it's flawless

    I must say his name says it all by poolshak

  3. #33
    Solidus0815 Guest

    does someone know how to compile this for the N900?


  4. #34
    xpow Guest
    I use the new psgroove with avchd and game manager, maybe i did something wrong, but usually what i did:

    - go to game manager
    - choose the game i want to play
    - back to xmb
    - in xmb, there's a disc icon with the game that i choose to play from the game manager

    but now
    - in xmb, the disc icon is the same with the disc title that i insert to the ps3

    please help ... i'm on fw 3.41, fat ps3


  5. #35
    facelift Guest
    can anyone please make a iphone 2g/3g version please?

    thank you

  6. #36
    Bigshon Guest

    Noob Question

    Which one is better?

    That Hermes 4 or PL3v341 for TI-84plus (anyone who knows)

  7. #37
    erjunno Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by facelift View Post
    can anyone please make a iphone 2g/3g version please?
    +1 here also, please !!!

  8. #38
    racer0018 Guest
    Which one works with the xbox 360 nand reader? Thanks

  9. #39
    elser1 Guest


    have they taken the ability to play backups away or are they planning to..

  10. #40
    tonybologna Guest
    That goes with the backup manager that you use and not the PL.

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