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    Quote Originally Posted by marc2590 View Post
    +1 for TI-84 compile
    +2 for TI-84 compile

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    Good to know that, from now on we don't need a lot of payloads, we just need ONE game manager to rule them all! Thanks KaKaRoTo, regarding Hermes I don't think we will see any payload from him in a long time...

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    here is a fix that should make open manager work with PL3:

    in main.cpp change this line:
    system_call_1(36, (uint64_t) path);
    to this line:
    system_call_1(35, ((uint64_t) "/dev_bdvd"), (uint64_t) path);

    compile and run and you are good to go.

    Note: at open manager 1.142 that line number is:473, for other releases just use search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smarty94 View Post
    +2 for TI-84 compile
    +3 for TI-84 compile
    Quote Originally Posted by m3dteam View Post
    here is a fix that should make open manager work with PL3
    One of the points of his rant was that the system call 36 was outdated and edits stuff that may not work for all FW, and that is why he would like the standard to become sys call 35.

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    PL3 for PIC

    He makes a lot of good points. I'll be happy to jump on the PL3 bandwagon as soon as I find a 20MHz PIC18F2550 port or I figure out how to compile it for myself.

    I'm used to using MikroC for compiling code to a .hex, so if anyone has a suggestion on what files are used for compiling and what line of the code to modify to set the clock speed at 20MHz, I'm all ears.

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    These are for all boards so far compiled. yes it has olimex 8mhz so stop asking, and for you Germans it has openkubus
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    Umm... deanrr's very last release was changed back to use syscall 36. But he is going to change it back soon, just wanted that to be clear so the guy doesn't get a bunch of wtf-type stuff.

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    Hi evilsperm,

    can you please make the changes that I suggested for open manager and compile it (for openManager 1.16 look at line#475). I don't know how to do it and I am too lazy to learn it ^^.


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    Payloads for the TI-84 for firmware 3.41, 3.15, 3.10, 3.01.

    I have not tested it yet, if it dose not work tell me and I will try adding padding at the end of the binary files as the payload is smaller. (It could mess with the timing on the TI-84.)
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    Thanks! will test in about an hour.

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