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Thread: KaKaRoTo Introduces PL3, 3.01, 3.10 and 3.15 PSFreedom Ports

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lumute View Post
    I understand the importance of working on 3.15, so you can JB and have OtherOS at the same time, but why wasting time with 3.01 and 3.10?
    Ermm - because that's what his newly acquired "dev" PS3 is currently on and - as I've mentioned above - the more various FWs you can get fully dumped / look at the more details about internal functionality we can all obtain. It's also a good practise for the FUTURE updates as locating of the correct entry points to patch the FW on the fly would be in principle quite similar And - maybe just for FUN!

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    tryerps3 Guest
    Very good point. Also, they could possibly find exploits in previous versions that could be worked on to hack future FW's.

    I've been on 3.15 since before April 1st for one reason only: I spent around 20-25 hours of my live configuring my YDL to work just the way I want on my PS3, and I'm not letting FONY flush it down the drain coz they were trying to patch something they didnt fully comprehend.

    Now I cant wait for JB 3.15, so I can finally mod my Fallout 3 GOTY

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    WeOutHere Guest
    Good work K-Man! I love the developments that are going on these days. I can't wait to see what kind of tools we will have in only a month from now. Slightly off topic, but an easier way to get game updates would be great, like a Game Update Repo that we can connect to in the future, or something similar.

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    v0ld Guest
    great work - let's hope to jb 3.15 soon.

    Not to forget the ppl who want to update their games but have no network ... i know some of them. Making it possible to download game-updates via PC and transferring it to an "unconnected" PS3 would also be great.

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    izac01 Guest
    Amazingly huge step out o no where. GOOD WORK! NOW on to 3.5 lulz

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Great news - just a little too late for me I went ahead and upgraded from 3.10 to 3.41 so i could have a play - wish i'd waited now.

    Although on the other hand - my PS3 still has it's OtherOS partition intact, so it will be interesting to see what exactly happens when we to boot 3.15 with Jaicrab's loader and switch to OtherOS. I know it restarts the console, but wonder if it leaves a flag set to boot the other partition - will be interesting finding out.

    Just need a 3.01-3.15 dev_flash dump to play with - here's hoping someone uploads one when this JB becomes available


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    junior2k9 Guest
    Great work!! Its good to see the scene moving forward! What would happen if you would try to brute force over ethernet the newest firmware as you did with the older one?

    Maybe we could get a new payload for that or have they patched it all together?

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    syncmasters Guest
    I'll be answering those questions with my limited knowledge acquired from reading dev threads here...

    1. Original JB was supposed to be updateable.

    Yes. They are supposed to be upgradeable...

    2. What is exactly different in this payload that makes it work on 3.15 and 3.42?

    KaKaRoTo's payload only works on 3.01 as far as I could understand... If we are talking about the Jailbreak Payload.

    The other hack payload is to use some lvl1 syscalls to make the PS3 dump all memory pages (lvl2 / Game OS) trough Ethernet.
    This probably works on any firmware.

    To actually make the Jailbreak Payload work on any firmware different then 3.41 you need to know the exactly ram page address on memory, so that you can patch those addresses tho known functions that we can easily call.

    3. Do they have this up and running?

    Jailbreak Upgrade? Probably not. The hardware lets us burn new Hex Codes but the actual payload is not upgradeable, partially because we have fixed memory page addresses that we need to know beforehand.

    3.01 Jailbreak? Probably yes, but buggy. We need the right calls and addresses.

    4. When will it be out and will the scene get to it faster before a paid version?

    Who knows? The paid version probably has gone and hided itself from anyone since Sony is hunting them.

    to 5, 6 and 7... I don't know... maybe?
    Only time will tell.

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    mestereo Guest


    Should try to go way back to like the very 1st firmwares like 1.0, 1.02 and up from there. Just a sugestion!!

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    spartan6199 Guest
    sounds good, keep up the good work!

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