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    Bishoff Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    No need to yell. I've never once had it enabled during copying.

    But which payload are you using? PSGroove 1? 1.1? Hermes v1? V2? V3?
    I'm not yelling just getting the facts straight. Those are 2 completely different games I was using PSGroove 1.1 and Jurais 1.13 544 build. Now I'm using 1.15 and hermes V3. The latter is the best yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by MRDOCA View Post
    eyepet freezes again now with v3, even deleting old data. when i go back to hermes 1.1 and the old open manager it works in patched mode.

    everything else works though, f1, ssf4 racket sports, everything. so eyepet does have issues and plenty of other people have the same problems at the same spot. it is not user error.
    Playing from internal or external? People please give your setup details when reporting problems other than it doesn't work.

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    MRDOCA Guest
    internal, xplain, transfered everything except the 4gb file via external harddrive to laun12345 folder. then ftp'd in patch mode the 4gb to the laun12345/"eyepet"/ps3_game/usrdir/

    game has worked flawlessly with patch mode and 1.1 with moh's 1.14.2 (or whatever the rev is) kids are up to day 6 no problems.

    i deleted all game data, even deleted there save... freezes at the press any button screen without patch. with patch on it gets a little further and freezes at the calibrate the move controller screen.

    it is not a problem with the hex im using i have tried the original at90usb1287 hex in the hermes rar. ive tried evilsperms compiled hex and some other guys compiled hex.

    most other people get to the same point where it freezes as mine so has to be the v3 payload especially since i can go back to the old hex without deleting any data created by v3 and play fine again.

    every other game is fine, no save issues with f1 like some other people and of course ssf4 is all good too.

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    Yup, source code file with next release will be great Jurai

    please do it, as some of us have to learn from looking at examples, and since yours one is being updated and all, it'd be great.

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    MRDOCA Guest
    also i should add i have the BCUS98214 version.

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    gunpr Guest


    People having problems with some games, MAKE SURE you delete the game and the data file and ftp the game again...

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    Apr 2005


    OK, we have now made Jurai2 his own subforum for his work here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/jurai2...ager-ps3-mods/

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