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    First of all, GREAT JOB. I am very excited with how quickly this scene is taking off. If I had coding knowledge I would be helping but instead have to sit and watch.

    I don't know if you are accepting requests at all? I have children that use my PS3. One of the reasons I LOVE being able to backup to HDD is so my kids dont have to handle the disks and lose them all the time. So far all the managers have a shortcut to the delete feature on the remote. It would be nice if there was a way to make the software have a user mode, and an admin mode.

    User mode would allow you to boot the game and that is all. After a certain button combination it could unlock admin mode which gives access to add, delete and all those other options. Maybe for now there are other things on your "todo" list. But if you find time to get around to blocking the delete function a bit better please do.

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    works good, its nice to know how much space i have left. it's almost shocking..

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    Releasedakraken - I started working on it but I'm not very handy with threads, the bg music part is what's left of what code I did towards that end, hopefully it'll work as intended someday

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    NOTE2: You can modify the program as you want, but please, make public the source code

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    good stuff, bro. my first choice bm now!

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    WOW I love that it has a ftp server built in. Good work. I missed this originally

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbox1080 View Post
    NOTE2: You can modify the program as you want, but please, make public the source code
    If you check the old thread what he does is release several small updates and then a larger one with the changes that worked and source included.

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    is there a way for this manager to combine the compressed files from opensplit?

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    Black Screen When I Try to Launch compiled OM_BG_Jurai_oct3_344pm.pkg

    need unplug the power... have no problem with OpenManager_BG_sep30_756pm v1.13.pkg

    ps3 slim 320g fw 3.41 with PSFreedom Dingoo v1.2 @720p HDMI

    any help?

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    Can you install your game to the Launch12345 folder or does it have to be the oman45765 folder?

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