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  1. #101
    Bishoff Guest
    So Liomajor's possibly did the file corruptions?

  2. #102
    evilsperm Guest
    Moving from LioMajors to Jurias might have corrupted it? I can't say for sure because I only ran the game once. So as soon as I gt it working again I will test it out again and try to run it more then 1 time.

    So here's the update:

    Moving from LioMajor's release to Jurais Release some how corrupted the folder/data so I can not delete /dev_hdd0/game/BCUS98119 with the file manager or even by FTP. Time to format...

  3. #103
    Bishoff Guest
    Yea my last thought was the game folder must be corrupted. Strange that u can't delete the folder/data, with FTP. Might not matter but did u try to delete with Hermes patch enabled or vice versa?

  4. #104
    adr990 Guest
    When I load up Homebrew via your Manager, I get returned to the XMB. And than the disc is showed which is inserted but without icons, loading it will either give a error the disc is not actually there or load the game. (depends on game it seems)

    Am I doing something wrong?

  5. #105
    tonybologna Guest
    Awesome news to see!

  6. #106
    SwordOfWar Guest
    This looks nice, I'll surely install this later and check it out.

    The title is a bit misleading. I was exciting thinking it meant patches/updates worked for more games.

  7. #107
    evilsperm Guest
    Well this went way beyond a simple format... I was going to do a full format but it gave me some redonkulas time of 7 hours 21 mins... so I quick formated it and checked the dir structure again only time time everything looked good, I noticed that I was missing a lot of files even in the vsh dir before the format. So after the quick format I installed Jurias manager and went to go load Infamous again, still no luck black screen of death. Then I decided I'll just do a full format even though it said it would take 7+ hours I figured the system must be spitting out a random time... Yeah not the case that really would have took 7 Hours + So I figure this HDD is muffed up...

    I took out the HDD and popped it on one of my dev stations and partition/formatted it to ntfs so once I pop it back in the PS3 It will reformat it back to spec. I dont recommend that at all because you will have to reinstall your firmware from a flash drive because there will be no backup the system can use if you put the console into recovery mode.

    After they system was now up and running it still wont boot Infamous at all... I don't know what the issue is but I am getting obsessed with trying to figure it out. I will note I launched the game from external last night. I will now try to hopy it to the internal hdd and see what happens.

    Ok formatted it again and now I get install failed when launching Infamous from internal or external (at least its not the black screen of death) Anyone else having this issue?

  8. #108
    salheeti Guest

    Thumbs Up

    well this scene just keeps getting better and better and the homebrew is what we've all been waiting for. can't wait for all the emulators and xbmc type homebrew. i've not been able to stop checking these sites for updates it's all very exciting and whilst i lack the programming ability to do any of this myself i sure am grateful for those with real knowledge to open the doors of freedom.

    afterall i paid the equivilant of $800 for my lauch 60gb ps3 and though it has awsome power it is largely untapped even by the game developers themselves. i remember the last days of the PS2 when gow of war was released and thinking to myself is that really possible it looked so much better than a lot of 360 games at that time if i'm not mistaken (not a fanboy each console has its good points and bad i have them all).

    thanks to evreyone for all their efforts and i hope this open manager really takes off with some great features being added all the time. good luck

  9. #109
    Neversun Guest
    OBM Gui concept - If one of you guys (Jurai, etc) would like to modify your loaders to incorporate this, i'm sure everyone would appreciate it

    All the image files, an icon for the app, and a text document containing the positioning of elements can be found in this archive:

    It's designed to fit 1080p, it should be possible to render it at 1080p then resize the output to match the screen for people using 720p, but if that's too much like a headache i'll port it to 720p native, assuming someone actually wants to pick this concept up and use it!

    As you can see from the sample, it will require some button remapping, but it should make for a much nicer interface.

  10. #110
    Jurai2 Guest
    i wish people would stop making blown out photoshop mockups, it's more than a simple 'paste your photo into the app and magically have an awesome gui'

    not trying to be rude, it's just way too reaching atm. personally I'm busy trying to implement some other stuff

    well screw it, I can put the sound code on the backburner

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