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    SCE Guest

    JTag Port on PS3 Blu-ray Drive Board Located and Mapped

    Developers at DemonHades have located and mapped the JTag Port on a PS3 Blu-ray drive board today.

    To quote, roughly translated: I found the JTag port for the Blu-ray Reader on the PlayStation 3. Last night after finishing the research meeting I went looking for information about BD integrated reader.

    In and looking at the information that I found on the back of the plate reader I saw that there is no connector terminals, these terminals belong to a connector which connects 'something' via terminals and through the Internet I found the points used in a JTag, including the TDO, TDI, TMS etc.

    Originally developed for printed circuit boards, it is currently used for test of submodules of integrated circuits, and is also useful as a mechanism for debugging embedded applications, as it provides a backdoor to within the system.

    When used as a debugging tool, an in-circuit emulator that uses JTag as the transport mechanism allows the programmer to access the debugging module that is integrated into the CPU. The debug module enables the programmer to correct their errors and code logic of their systems.

    There are consumer products that have a JTag port integrated, so that the connections are often available on the PCB as part of the prototype phase of the product. These connections can provide a simple way to reverse-engineer.

    As you can see we have a door strike to try to get the firmware, decrypted data, and all that is able to control the Blu-ray reader.

    The data from this integrated JTag will CXD5063GG-1. CXD5063GG-1 = ASIC / CPU - Video Decryption Device Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., CXD5063GG-1, 2005 SCEI, 120,748 0608HAL.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005


    I moved this to the PS3 Dev section, and +Rep SCE!

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    gpiteira Guest
    That is a great piece of work. So finding this means that you can "tell" to BD what it can and can't do, right? And that way a back-door to the system itself?

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    cyberbob Guest
    What a great job. Hope it wiil lead to a backdoor.

    Congratulations for you and all people working on PS3.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gpiteira View Post
    That is a great piece of work. So finding this means that you can "tell" to BD what it can and can't do, right? And that way a back-door to the system itself?
    Let's hope so! I'm just happy to see there are those still hard at work on the PS3.

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    SCE Guest
    Better pic for jtag port:

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    That will be a tough one to solder, could you post a close up of the connector area to see the solder points. Thanks!

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    Ninjazin Guest
    Would be great if this could be used for chipping or maybe for flashing the bd-reader allowing it to read burned games similar to the xbox360. Great work guys

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    walidahmadi Guest
    It is always great to read these sorts of stuff.

    but its gonne be a pain using backups on the ps3. First the price then ripping and burning it. It will just take too long.

    btw correct me if I am wrong.

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    loader187 Guest
    i would say it wouldn't be too expensive. maybe time consuming but bluray discs (50GB) are only 14.99 so it would only cost you 14.99 to backup your purchased game and a burner you can get for about 200. Like I said I don't know how much time it would take to rip and make a backup of your game.

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