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Thread: JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces

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    Nateblitz Guest

    JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces

    Following up on the previous PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) dongle clone comes another this weekend called the JB2USB DRM-infected USB device for the PlayStation 3 console.

    Download: JB2USB v2.5 Dongle Firmware Update / JB2USB 3.55 Custom Firmware for PS3

    Their official site (linked above) appears to be a simple template design similar to the others, while the DRM dongle is currently being peddled for $19.99 with the JB2USB PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) clone details below, as follows:

    JB2USB PS3 Features:
    • Booting of games designed for PS3 system software v3.6 and above
    • Runs your existing games and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers
    • Does not require the power/eject trick
    • Custom v3.55 Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when JB2USB is not inserted
    • Manufactured from highest grade components and Actel based
    • Durable and high quality metal case design
    • Tough and durable plastic packaging
    • Further features to be added as they are developed
    • On board 2 MBytes SPI flash
    • Supports Fat and Slim PS3 consoles currently running any firmware up to v3.55 and any PS3 which can be downgraded successfully from v3.6+ to v3.55 (NOTE: requires other tools, JB2USB cannot downgrade a console)
    • Supports all regions of consoles
    • Supports all regions of v3.6+ games
    • Rock solid crystal oscillator on board for flawless timing

    JB2USB User Manual:

    16 - 2 – 2012
    • JB2USB Usage
    • JB2USB Update
    • System Update
    • Install Software


    Unlock the true potential of your PS3 with JB2USB – keep your PS3 on a homebrew enabled custom firmware, while at the same time enjoying the newest and most popular PS3 games.

    JB2USB Usage

    JB2USB Identify: Before you may use JB2USB, you must first install our 3.55-Dongle custom firmware onto your PS3.

    Step 1. Insert JB2USB into one of the USB ports on your PS3 and power the system up.
    Step 2. The red LED will light on during the process of PS3 start up. If the JB2USB is identified by PS3, the red LED turn off and the green LED light on; or the red LED light flicker, you must restart your PS3 in this situation.

    Note: Do not remove the JB2USB at any point while the PS3 is running.

    Blue-ray Disc Game: Insert disc into PS3, the game will auto start.

    HDD Game:

    Before you may run HDD games, you must first install MultiMAN.
    Step 1. Insert USBHDD into one of the USB ports on your PS3,
    Step 2. Select (game -> MultiMAN) to run MultiMAN,
    Step 3. Press R1 in MultiMAN's XMB interface, all games in USBHDD will be displayed.
    Step 4. Load one game you want, PS3 will back to PS3's XMB interface automatically. At this time menu (game) -> (app_home/PS3_GAME/) is the entry of the loaded game.
    Step 5. Select (game) -> (app_home/PS3_GAME/) the game will start up

    JB2USB Update

    When there is a new firmware of JB2USB, you should update your JB2USB. The JB2USB is not only a Dongle of PS3, but also a mass storage device When insert JB2USB into your PC. You can only write data into this mass storage device. The update process includes two stages: file copy and firmware self update.

    Step 1. Insert JB2USB into one of the USB ports on your PC, a removable device will be enumerated by PC, the name of the device is “JB2USB”. The red LED light on.
    Step 2. Copy update file into the removable device “JB2USB”. The red LED light flicker until the copy is completed.
    Step 3. After the entire update file are written into “JB2USB”, the self firmware update start, at this time, both the red and the green LED are light on. The removable device will be uninstalled simultaneously.
    Step 4. The red LED turns off and only the green LED light on after the update process is completed.

    Notes: Insert JB2USB into PC will not display the update file in the removable device.

    System Update

    Once you have confirmed that you have obtained the correct updater file, proceed with the update as follows:

    Step 1. Obtain a USB storage device such as a USB HDD or USB flash memory stick,
    Step 2. Create a folder on the storage device in which to save the update file. Using a PC, create a folder named “PS3” on the storage device. Within the PS3 folder, create a folder named "UPDATE",
    Step 3. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file to the “UPDATE” folder created in step 2. Thus, you will have this path structure on your USB storage device: \PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP,
    Step 4. Boot your PS3 and insert the USB storage device into the PS3,
    Setp 5. From the home menu, select (Settings) -> (System Update) -> (Update via Storage Media),
    Step 6. The PS3 will notify you that the “3.55-Dongle” update was found. Select OK then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update,
    Step 7. After the update has completed, your PS3 will restart and you now be running the 3.55 custom firmware. You may now enjoy the use of the JB2USB. (NOTE: The above procedure is only applicable to PS3’s on or below system software v3.55)

    Install Software

    Step 1. Obtain a USB storage device such as a USB HDD or USB flash memory stick,
    Step 2. Copy the MultiMan_02.xx.xx file to the root directory of USB device. Thus, you will have this path structure on your USB storage device: \MultiMan_02.xx.xx,
    Step 3. Boot your PS3 and insert the USB storage device into the PS3,
    Step 4. From the home menu, Select (game) -> (Install Package Files)
    Step 5. The PS3 will display all software in root directory of USB device. Select install MultiMan_02.xx.xx into you HDD.
    Step 6. After the install completed, the icon of MultiMAN will display at (game) -> (MultiMAN).


    Q: I get an 80010007 error message when I try to load a JB2USB patched game - why is this happening and how can I get the game to load?
    A: This error means the game you are trying to load could not be decrypted. This can happen if you are running an out of date JB2USB dongle firmware. From time to time we will release JB2USB dongle firmware updates, and all new game patches that get released will always require the latest JB2USB dongle firmware in order to function. If you are receiving this error then please obtain the most recent JB2USB dongle firmware update from the downloads page and update your JB2USB dongle.

    Q: How do I use JB2USB to play a purchased PS3 game that requires 3.6+ PS3 firmware?
    A: JB2USB does not support directly playing original game discs requiring 3.6+ on lower firmware versions. In order to play such recent games on your jailbroken 3.55 CFW PS3 you must first dump your original game disc to HDD using one of the many supported PS3 backup managers such as Multiman.

    Once you have dumped the game, you must obtain and install a "JB2USB patch" corresponding to said game from the internet. This procedure effectively creates a copy of your game on a HDD, modified to function on your 3.55 CFW PS3 in conjunction with JB2USB. For full details, please refer to the JB2USB Users Guide on the download page.

    Q: Where can I obtain JB2USB patch files?
    A: Unfortunately we cannot host JB2USB patch files on this website, however they are easily obtainable through the search facility provided on the Game Patches page.

    Q: What are the requirements for using JB2USB?
    A: In order to use JB2USB, you MUST have a PS3 running firmware v3.55 or lower. If your PS3 is running a firmware version higher than 3.55 then you must first downgrade your PS3 via other means (such as hardware downgrade, please refer elsewhere for further information).

    Q: What is the general procedure for getting 3.6+ games running on a 3.55 CFW PS3 with JB2USB?
    A: The procedure is as follows:

    1) Download and install the JB2USB 3.55 CFW (custom firmware) on your PS3. The JB2USB CFW is required in order to allow the JB2USB dongle to function with your PS3
    2) Obtain dumps of your 3.6+ PS3 games using PS3 backup managers or other methods
    3) Obtain JB2USB game patches corresponding to the game dumps you have, and install these patches over the top of your game dumps. The patched game dumps should be stored either on your PS3's internal HDD or an external USB HDD
    4) Insert the JB2USB dongle into your PS3 and turn on the console. Once the PS3 has finished booting, you may then launch your favorite backup manager (such as Multiman) and from there select your JB2USB patched games

    Q: There is no JB2USB patch available for my favorite game XYZ, can I still play it with JB2USB?
    A: Unfortunately, you will need to wait until a JB2USB patch is available. The JB2USB team monitors various Web forums, so if there is a title you want to play then make a post on a PS3 related forum requesting the game. We will most likely see your post and do our best to release a patch as soon as possible.

    Pachuco has shared some pictures of JB2USB board top and bottom for those interested, and eussNL identified it on IRC as an ARM32 (STM32 F103C8T6) for those curious.

    Finally, via e-mail to quote: "Dear customer, We have crack 2.5 update, which is on the status of test. We will release asap when testing over. Now only a few 3.73 version games can not be played, the others are ok, Hope you can wait patiently."
    [imglink=|JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    I have promoted this to the main page now, hopefully once the dinks behind the dongle cash out reselling the code to enough cloners a free and proper PS3 scene solution will indeed surface.

    Below are some more pics of the JB2USB (25L1636D) courtesy of jarmster for those interested.

    Also below is a diagram from Pedram with details from GraVoX959 on how to potentially replace the clone:

    As you can see all that is left is to dump it (easy). Bare in mind this would not mean the end of TB if you got keys from it/ported it to another dongle,etc. This would net you the 50 or so games pre 2.4 TB update.

    For someone who is game, this little project would cost you around $50AU/US, $20 for the JB2 dongle and around $30 for a USB SPI flasher. Here are some examples of SPI Flashers
    • USB to I2C & SPI ( ies_ET&hash=item483cfdc591)
    • USB SPI BIOS Programmer ( ash=item41601a2869)
    • High Speed USB SPI Programmer ( ash=item25708a5993)

    A BIG thank you to Mark Webber for the grunt work and Pedram for the schematics.

    There is other stuff but I'm not digging through nearly 3 months of MSN logs to find it. This should tell you all you need to know if you want to dump it

    Firstly, we are of the belief that the IC is an newer version of this one:

    JeZ Za Oh is this the IC: or the original one you said?
    25/03/2012 1:18:43 AM Jez Za or am I reading it wrong with my weary eyes
    25/03/2012 1:19:12 AM Mark Webber it is more like the original one, but a newer revision that uses SPI not I2C

    The IC is nothing more then a USB to SATA HDD controller IC - the exact same kind as is found in those cheap nasty external USB HDD caddies. If you ever look at one of those, you will see it also has an... wait for it... external SPI flash.

    Why would a USB caddy need an external SPI? Simple really, that is where the company who is releasing it puts all their info to be displayed on the screen to make people feel better they just paid $90 for a $5 caddy, this thing is even cheaper then that though. It has no SATA port, no need for all the external power inputs etc, etc, etc, etc.

    oOoooh, and of course, no case for a hdd.. just a little tiny one to hold a very small USB stick. The update file must also include a feature exactly like a FW update for any of those type devices. When the flash is applied to that memory space, it auto sets to program mode to "update the FW".

    The software in the update is set to delete itself when attached to a PC (well not delete so much as create a fat32 partition for the update)

    It solves 99% of the problem to begin with, there is nothing in the IC. Well nothing that was added anyway. The thing works by booting up, going to the SPI flash to get the "settings" for the USB to SATA and it passes those to the host computer (PS3) simple yet effective! And the security is immense. Security = Copy SPI to new device.

    Just looking at the dongle in Windows it has the drive type set to be both disc and surprise surprise, raw. Which means it writes the data as it sees it.. byte for byte and with no filenames etc etc

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    kingbasil Guest
    I think this scamming gotta stop! Geohot Jailbroke the PS3 for free and these thieves are taking advantage of the people to get some cash out of it!

    Why don't they just release the code and do a FW for free like kmeaw did! XBOX community are playing all the games and we are still on 3.55!

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    stoprocent Guest
    A free solution would give you nothing. You will have the possibility to use the cracked eboots but no one, except for paradox, knows how to crack theme.

    Someone will have to find out how to crack these eboots.

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    niwakun Guest
    another clone hmm

    having two cloners already, but still no news for free solution. I do hope that the Team AC1D is working on it actively.

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Lolz at the above. It's more likely geohotz returning to the scene and cracking it. One of ac1d's key members for the project turned out as a faker. But he will say otherwise of course, because why wouldn't he.

    That work has supposedly been at a stand still for months. Well, at the minimum their promise to break drm dongles and give a free CFW that can play those game which are currently only playable with jb2 or cloned dongle.

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    ps3hen Guest
    Another clone??

    How are people developing clones, if the method isn't fully understood. Is it a hardware clone?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    I would say its one of 2 things.

    1) It's easier to clone than to develop
    2) It's coming from a similar/same team

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    Angelcry Guest
    So you can play games that are already released right? So what's the new thing ?

    They released a clone and now need to wait for a patch games... lol.

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    Sejuice Guest
    I agree with you. Thats an outrageous scam and it should be released to the public for free, so sony can find the flaw and patch it, because I really don't want to play any 4xx+ games in the future...

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