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Thread: JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces

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    gizeh Guest
    i got this a few months ago and i want to go back to kmeaw. does anybody have the firmware so i can reinstall at a later date?

    i want to go on psn thanks

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    Abkarino Guest
    Here is the download link ( but be careful if you had downgraded your console from 3.56+ fw you must enable QA flag first using Rebug QA Toggle tool then enable Debug Update in QA menu or you will brick your console.

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    fantopoulos Guest
    i can't see them being identical, this next 2 weeks is gonna be crucical as far as how the ps3 scene proceeds, i tried many different sets of programs to no avail, get bits and pieces here, when get further along will post a tutorial

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