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Thread: JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces

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    ikeeki Guest
    Hi, the most interesting thing in my opinion is that no CFW is available in the dongle's site.. Whats your opinion?? Is the dongle fake??

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    It's a hardware clone. They aren't making software for it. You would use the software of what is actually being cloned. As always, follow instructions carefully to avoid any possibility of a brick

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    ikeeki Guest
    So do you think that that is fully compatible?? Because I followed the instructions, I read that the PUP file needed is the one they provide in their page.

    Maybe they have done the site and everything in a hurry or maybe they are not very serious .... Do you agree, SanctumSlayer?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Idk, it's not relevant for me to find out. In the end, it's just a cash grab.

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    ikeeki Guest


    That is true, just thinking if somebody can compare the current CFW dongles can arrive to a global solution, thanks anyways

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    yaro666 Guest
    I have just got mine.

    There are 2 LEDs, 8 resistors, 2 diodes, 8 capacitors, 1 chip Nuvoton NUC120 series with 48 legs (I think it is NUC120LC1AN), and 1 chip with 8 legs - probably eeprom - it has:

    1st line KH and symbol H4 H1 or H-|
    2nd line 25L16360
    3rd line M2C-12G
    4th line 3D817100A6
    5th line Z114242

    G in 3rd line might be 6.

    If someone want to get some testing I could do it.

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    UFO observer Guest
    Thanks for the info, yaro666. I don't know about the testing, but I wonder, if the hardware that's used in this clone could be reproduced at home (I believe it could, I just need a step-by-step instruction).

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    yaro666 Guest
    I believe it could be reproduced if you have programmer, but for me it is quite expensive, for example elnec programmers with adapters. It is not complicated, but 1st thing to do is compare kmeaw and jb2usb cfws, decrypt firmware from dongle and it should be all.

    If I can read car manufacturer's programs and maps from ECU, then what worse things could be in single dongle with 1 chip?

    I have installed CFW from jb2usb and installed tekken hybrid, and I can't get it to run...

    Did domeone notice, that jb2usb is active (green) just before PS3 logo appears? Also there is no BluRay disc in menu, I have to go to multiman and exit to see my BR game.

    PS Is there a way to read data from this dongle?

    after a quick jump into this, I have found that there are a few new files in multiman file manager:

    in drm directory


    maybe I am wrong, but there's got to be something new. Is there a way to compare jb2usb cfw with kmeaw or others?

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    Transient Guest
    Has anyone with a USB dev kit ever tried monitoring the traffic between the JB2USB and PS3? I wonder if it'd be possible to replay the responses sent from the dongle and have the PS3 accept them?

    Also, I wonder if it'd be possible to do "dongle sharing" where a JB2USB is plugged into a PC and shared over the internet? This would of course require either a custom firmware which implements a virtual dongle of sorts, or possibly a physical device which plugs into the PS3's USB port. I've seen something similar for sharing satellite smart cards.

    Lastly, has anyone with a JB2USB tried the 2.5 update on their website? Is it the same as the original 2.5 update?

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    TheDevil Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Transient View Post
    Lastly, has anyone with a JB2USB tried the 2.5 update on their website? Is it the same as the original 2.5 update?
    I have tried the JB2USB 2.5 firmware update and i think its still the same old initial one (i did a quick rar compress and i got the same CRC with a fresh JB2USB-2.5.bin as with a 2 weeks old one).

    I'm using the 2.5 firmware currently and it must be doing something differently (or in a older way) than the dongle. Clearly JB2USB isn't a 1-to-1 hardware clone either as i have tried using JB2USB with CFW v2 and it don't work (PS3 don't even boost).

    Original firmware updates also come in smaller ps3 pkg files, where jb2usb ones are 2mb pc-drag&drop-2-stick ones.

    Also note that the JB2USB: Currently does NOT play any new games (aka it only plays the games listed on their site, and doesn't play any games released after 24.01.2012-ish) = its definitely not the same.

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