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Thread: JB2USB - Second PS3 JailBreak 2 (True Blue) Dongle Clone Surfaces

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    madmax69 Guest
    Is this for all games above 3.55 or only ones that have been patched ? It reads as if will play ALL back ups is this true ?

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    hawkY Guest
    Its for backups which are patched yes..

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    Apr 2005


    Guys please only use this thread for updates on the JB2USB clone dongle, any other posts will be removed. We already have threads for the other devices so use those if you wish to discuss them etc.

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    tulla2010 Guest
    so any news when this will be available?

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    hawkY Guest
    Has anyone noticed that the firmware update for this dongle is a bin. file ?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Aren't they usually?

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    hawkY Guest
    Not exactly. The dongle firmware is a pup. file .. And the dongle updates are pkg files which are installed via "install packages" under game menu as we all know , but bin ? i don't even know how this can work ?

    how CAN you update your firmware , with a bin. file ?

    Doesn't make any sense... maybe someone can explain..

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Okay can help you there. The bin file is to update the dongle itself. Not to be placed on the ps3

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    hawkY Guest
    AHA AHA, but how ?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Usually you just copy it to the flash partition and the light on the dongle will blink to let you know it's working. Take it out when it's done and put it in your ps3. I don't have the dongle but that the way it usually works.

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