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    Video: JB-King v2.5 PS3 JB2 JailBreak 2 Dongle Clone Update Out

    Below is a video from their page of the JB-King v2.5 PS3 JB2 (True Blue) JailBreak 2 dongle clone with the details below, as follows:

    1. After upgrade 2.5, JB-King could support all functions of TB2.5

    2. JB-King has its true ability to break any updated content and plugging of TB2.X in the future.

    3. JB-King can break any disc games of TB, allow players to clone disc on their own (We may release all of them when update next time).

    4. JB-King has ability to release game eboot, which has been modified and only support JB-King. Most important is that we will not use special disc.

    5. JB-King price will be easier approach soon

    Updated method Please follow the procedure, or it will be difficult for you to play games smoothly.)

    1. Press on JB-King upgrade switch and plug in main USB interface. Open “Upgrade.exe” and upgrade “updrade2.5.dfu". Then pull out JB-King and close “Upgrade.exe”

    2. Do not press on JB-King power switch. Plug it into PC. After about 5-8 seconds, pull out JB-King.

    3. Press on JB-King upgrade switch power again, and plug it into USB interface. Open “Upgrade.exe” and upgrade “S_2.5.dfu”. The process will last for a longer time, please be patient!

    3. If you get tips as follows, congratulation! You upgrade successfully.

    2012.03.16 Update 2.5

    (upgrade console system: TrueBlue-3.55-v2-cfw)

    Download: http://115.com/file/e7bbk7t1 / TrueBlue-3.55-v2-cfw.rar

    1: upgrade2.5.dfu MD5: 9c3e1e50f6c7116a1ebb94577495a353
    2: S_2.5.dfu MD5: 8b62de1d035cb9807ac6745920b78f19

    Download: http://115.com/file/c2phj41p / 2012.03.16 JBKing 2.5

    JB-King Upgrade Package V2012.03.16

    Download: http://www.jb-king.com/Uploadfiles/2...6164914297.rar

    Update content: 2012-3-16: Support all V2.5 games


    1/ PC Driver
    2/ JBK Upgrade Tools
    3/ How to upgrade Version 2011.12.21
    4/ JBK reset patch 2.3_upgrade
    5/ reset patch guide V2.3
    6/ upgrade V2.40
    7/ upgrade V2.41
    8/ upgrade V2.42
    9/ upgrade V2.5

    From zadow28: mmhhh the dfu files from JB can be extracted as three types. Bin/hex and s19.. the s.19 files loads as memory in ida pro. the dongle protection is old from 2009.

    Here is an link for extracting the dfu files: st.com/internet/com/SOFTWARE_RESOURCES/SW_COMPONENT/SW_DEMO/um0412.zip

    So here some info:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is from upgrade2.5.hex update:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is from the jb 2.5 upgrade (2.5.s19):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Ok was looking in to the update.exe and what happens when you load the dfu file.

    Seems we are in the right track, since the upgrade uses the same software for extracting the dfu files.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Found this code hidden in sub 404490:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Here is some more:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Some more of the dfu descriptor:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So according to the guide we can calc where the data is written. We would still need an good simulator like I mention before so we could dump the memory etc.

    If any have an jailbreak king dongle download this software amtel flip and load the hex files from both update and full.. remember to tick of erase flash.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?csx6cmea8ua981e
    Newer version here: http://www.atmel.com/tools/FLIP.aspx

    Play around, and if you succeed we would get good info. We should be capable of dumping the flash, seems the hex file is for the eeprom.

    Well after a lot of research I've found some soft that can sim and track every move of the dongle. you would then need to use the
    STM32F103C8 mcu (that's what the dongle uses. not on the wiki yet) install update in download also, then check license and after check update.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ahe23hhvke...i3y29726aym8vk

    You would need to build STM32F103C8, then run the debugger and then load hex files. There is an analyze where you would see every micro second of the device. By the way it would also be possible too runs the bin file for other dongles.

    Also I will update the codes from the full, not just the update, hex and s19 file... would be good if we could write an simple soft that can calculate the machine code since we got all info.

    From Nicolas19: Extracted 2.5 Update JB-King include: Bin, Hex And s19

    Download: JB-King 2.5 Update Extracted (14.22MB) / JB-King 2.5 Update Extracted (14.22MB - Mirror)

    Finally, from sacio: I try to disassemble the small s19 (upgrade2.5_00.s19). Maybe it help someone. Here is it:

    Download: JB-King 2.5 Upgrade2.5_00.s19 (Disassembly) (114.37KB)

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    News update from JB-King site for those interested:

    Date: 2012-04-06

    1. JB-King would not be blocked unless TB's going to block TB regular users' upgrading.

    2. JB-King users do not have to worry about the coming TB upgrade, we will crack it soon and make JB-King compatible with upgrade package, even the new TB CFW. As we have successfully made it compatible with V2.3, V2.4 and V2.5, it is inevitably we're in the condition to make a further cracking of new ungrading package.

    3. We strongly condemn TB's behavior of spiteful competition, who threatens to turn the comsumers' console to brick so as to acheive its goal of monopolizing ps3 break market. Certainly which would greatly impair comsumers' benefits. However, similar behavior would never be from us as we always insist on the tenet of "customer first'.

    4. As JB-King dongle comes from JB-King team's self-designed hardware program, there is no doubt that we can regenerate under any condition.

    5. If TB sets up malicious code to JB-King, TB users can not be excluded. As TB can not completely distinguish the differences between TB and JB-King, that's also the reason for why they could not block JB-King in V2.4 upgrade package.

    From zadow28: Been testing my new tracker on the upgrade.exe from jbking and got some visual results with big difference in security.. you can see the results here.

    first download: http://csr.lanl.gov/vera/VeraSetup.msi

    small guide to open the visual files.

    then download the visual files: http://www.filedropper.com/downloads_2

    just open the files with the guide. i would recommend upgrade jbking. blue spot is start, and you scroll in with mouse. this is from start, too when i load the different images.

    its show the way with fake loops, as they are in the software (encryption) the path.. it speaks for themselves.


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    TheDevil Guest
    News update from JB-King site: Statement for latest TB eboot format HDD problem!

    Date: 2012-04-07

    1. JB-king Team apologize sincerely to our little part JB-king users, whose HDD was erased by playing games below:

    2. Our Team will release new upgrade firmware next week, to solve the Erasing HDD problem when playing new games. Expecting to notice JB-king official website

    3. Kindly advise JB-king users delay to play below games before we release new upgrade firmware.

    4. In order to avoid similar incident happenning again, JB-King office will better supply JB-King users with game Eboot download space, and welcome to download game Eboots from it.

    5. We strongly despise that TB takes the ps3 players as a tool to maintain his windfall profits. We never be afraid of competition, as which is for better servicing our customers but not hurt whose benefits.

    Eboots list not support now:
    • 機動戦士ガンダムUC
    • Silent Hill Downpour
    • Snipers - Invisible, Silent, Deadly
    • Tales of Graces f
    • Top Gun: Hard Lock

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow JB-King Upgrade Package v2.51 is Released

    Here is another update from JB-King for those following: JB-King release upgrade V2.51 and solve the PS3 HDD format problem.

    Download: JB-King Upgrade Package v2.51

    Date: 2012-04-10

    JB-King team has released "upgrade V2.51" and solve the PS3 HDD format problem!

    This upgrade content:

    1. Rebuild the Security Architecture, avoid PS3 console HDD harm from Eboots including malicious code.
    2. Support <Ace_Combat_Assault_Horizon> and <Batman_Arkham_City>

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    Apr 2005

    JB-King v2.7 PS3 JB2 JailBreak 2 Dongle Clone Update Out

    Below is the JB-King v2.7 PS3 JB2 JailBreak 2 dongle clone update and details, as follows:

    Download: JB-King Upgrade Package v2.7

    JB-King team released our 2.7 upgrade. This time, we upgrade code inside,make system to be stronger and safer. All 2.7 games can be supported,including the coming games.

    We'll going on upgrading and releasing more games for friends that love gaming.

    Thanks for all of your supporting and helping. Best Regards.


    <02> Meikyuu_Touro_Legasista_JPN
    <03> Summer_Stars_2012
    <04> Armored_Core_V
    <05> MUD_FIM_Motocross_World_Championship
    <06> Metal_Gear_Solid_HD_Collection
    <07> Sniper_Elite_V2
    <08> Prototype_2
    <09> NINJA GAIDEN 3
    <10> Yakuza_Dead_Souls
    <11> Order Up
    <12> Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13
    <14> Attouteki_Yuugi_Mugen_Souls
    <15> Shin_Sangoku_Musou_Moushouden_ASiA
    <16> Max Payne 3
    <17> Dragon's Dogma
    <18> Dirt_Showdown_PS3-VIMTO
    <19> SBK Generations
    <20> Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Future Soldier
    <21> Major League Baseball 2K12
    <22> Game of Thrones

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