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    The Jarred Mind 3 v0.9 PS3 Homebrew Game is Now Available

    Following his source code updates last month, today PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has made available a new PS3 homebrew game entitled The Jarred Mind 3 version 0.9.

    Download: The Jarred Mind 3 v0.9 PS3 Homebrew Game

    To quote: By popular demand: I now present to you the shocking third installment in the episodic trilogy known as Adventures of the Jarred Mind! The banana ball is you! The chocolate rabbit is your friend! The zorbing zebra is your enemy!

    So, yeah... Iím not really sure what else to say about this. It's a gameish thing that runs on PS3. I'm curious of what people think of it. I expect that most people won't like it.

    For the haters though I'll probably be making and posting something else thatís simple but more of an actual game and less lolwut some time soon.

    PS3 controls:
    • Left analog stick = Move
    • X Button = Jump

    The Jarred Mind 3 v0.9 PS3 Homebrew Game is Now Available

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    LESS Lolwut? Nonsense, the Lolwut roxxorz. Keep it up.

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    How are people creating homebrew games? I would like to experiment with that

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    ThatOtherDev, my 3-year-old LOVES this. It's teaching him how to use the controller. Kinda.

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