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Thread: James Bond 007 Blood Stone USA Requires 3.50 PS3 Firmware

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    killerswine Guest
    The only reason this workaround worked is because the Eur version of the eboot only required 3.41. This in no way ensures that any future 3.5 games will run. If GT5 requires 3.5 in all regions a real solution will need to be found.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Yes it is strange that Sony are making it so easy for us, I bet they are kicking themselves for making such stupid security mistakes that are allowing newer games to be played without any real hacking at all , basically its coming down to editing a text file (well sfo but close enough) . Im sure they are following this closely and will not be making same mistakes in near future, It will not require much effort for them to make a few simple changes such as :

    1. Matching eboot.bin firmware requirements in all regions
    2. All game patches to require the same or higher version firmware than disk requires
    3. Build in a new vital firmware function that all games will need to boot.
    4. Lock down game update servers to current firmware only
    5. Maybe release a new SDK with lots of changes so as to make all our present tools and methods useless and put us back to square one.

    If and When Sony impliment some of these changes then the real challenge for the Devs will start. As of now I think sony were unprepared for jailbreak to be released and their whole firmware requirement system had become relaxed as they were completely relying on the security of the disk encryption and so did not expect that eboots could be swapped and sfos could editied.

    This is not a mistake they will make for much longer because as ive said , its too easy for them to plug this hole. The sky is the limit for them as far as changes go, for example they can completely rewrite the way the HDD/Bluray disk is stuctured/encrypted.

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    djdavedoc Guest
    My worry is that all these are workarounds. Shifting around the actual problem of needing a newer firmware version that we have. Unless someone comes up with a way of Spoofing the Firmware Version to 3.X (whatever the hell Sony throws at us next) so we can run this game or they find a way of installing 3.50 with the PS Groove Capability still there then this might be the beginning of the end.

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    nukester Guest
    i have changed the .sfo file to 3.4100 and used the eboot on this thread and cant get the fight to work. i am using gaia manager 1.3.1 and ps3key v4.

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    dinzy Guest
    1. Will clearly happen in a matter of weeks. The only reason games require different FWs is becuase they are "packaged" for their regions at different times after going gold depending on the region. If anything having such an easy work around, stops any real work from being done.

    3. Is also likely to already be in the works. What has changed in 3.42 to 3.5? All the games released now were finished weeks ago and did not have time to add in the checks that I am sure 3.5 allows.

    The only real solution seems to be a CFW and possibly patching/cracking all games to run on it.

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    jensen76 Guest
    have you tested it? it freeze after the move screen on my ps3...

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    PARDES Guest
    ok but whats is with the games like Wwe 2011 , why does this not work ? The PAl and the Ntsc versions are not playabele.

    Can someone please comment why this games not work ? A Read Protection maybe ?

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    mikerock98 Guest
    Of course, i've tested it along with about every other game that people state there is a problem with... by simply editing the sfo, the game boots to the lion for the movie studio, then the saved data is copied to hard drive, then start screen... I didn't see one thing with the move setup for this game... but i'm using the EU version... James.Bond.Blood.Stone.EUR.JB.PS3-MRN.

    I have the same problem as everyone with WWE 2011... No sound if you play, then when exiting the game freezes... i've seen some fixes but i just like to test... i won't play it other than to test.

    I think it has to do with how the payload copys over the kernal memory which leaves games upplayable... i'm sure the answer will come out as soon as someone figures out how to fix it!

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    opm420 Guest
    Is there such thing as an eboot editor?

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    jensen76 Guest
    i'm taking about The.Fight.Lights.Out you said it works?

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