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    Apr 2008


    would this work with the fight also?

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    Great news, $ony is losing one more battle, that's good, they deserve it!

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    I am happy to report the game is completed. I encountered two crashes that were random. I'm assuming it was a tiny bug, because I was able to get past it with out a problem. Nothing big deal since the game saves a-lot. If anyone else has the issues let us know, I am unsure if its related to the eboot.bin used or not.

    P.S. the game just drug on. Thought it was over 3 times.
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    great, will try this but have to nip out and get some new thermal paste for ps3 because it had red flashing light of death so i dismanteld it all and used a hair dryer on the gpu and cpu and strangely enough it works now.

    I bought it like this for 30 uk pounds from ebay so it was a bargin and has firm 3.00 so i updated to 3.41 and jigged it so i will try this game when i have re pasted it

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    Its weird that the EU release doesnt require 3.50 and the US release does, but hopefully we can play GT5 in the future with 3.41

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    what about The.Fight.Lights.Out.. anyone get this game to work?

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    yes, the fight lights out and monopoly streets both require 3.50 too...

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    Jan 2010

    Hehe, how easy to avoid that "protection" , laughable !

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    Thanks, will give your method a try.

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    First, I dont know what the big deal is about this game... EU version works perfectly WITHOUT changing Eboot... just edit SFO file to 3.4100 and use hermes 4b with patch mode on... works off both internal and external.

    Quote Originally Posted by dolbyman View Post
    what about The.Fight.Lights.Out.. anyone get this game to work?
    This game also works; you need 2 move controllers for each player and an eyecamera...


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