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Thread: JailBreak PS3 with an N900 Using PSFreedom By KaKaRoTo!

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    oliver989 Guest
    So is this possible with a linux running netbook or does the n900 have some sort of hardware that enables this hack?

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    canabal Guest
    Argh, it fails when getting using the titan kernel (used for overclocking the phone). I get the error:

    insmod: error inserting 'psfreedom.ko': -1 Invalid module format

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    Hellfenix Guest
    How did you do that? Are you Kakaroto?

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    hopbeat Guest
    No, just a maemo guy.

    The patch is the same as with PSGroove (as it is in fact the same soft).

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    Hare451 Guest
    will it be possible to jailbreak ps3 with ipone/ipod touch In the future ?

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    Xhinde Guest
    I don't get it, why are so many people asking and asking. It is done when it is done people

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    dazza92 Guest
    wow don't you hate when people dont get the point, iphone dude shh, there might be one, only time will tell.

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    tiedosto80 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by piponetest View Post
    Nope, it is compiled for the kernel (the default kernel it will not work on the enchanted one) and CPU of the N900 i.e. at the moment will work only on N900. If the source is released it should be no problem to be compiled for n800 or any OS.
    Is really want get psfreedom source.

    Then we can make this work just with psfreedom + PC with Linux and USB cable :P

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    skatomelato Guest
    Why PSFreedom is only for N900??

    Can anyone make it compatible with LG KU990?? Please!!!

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    emsi Guest
    I appreciate psgroove much more as it is opensource.

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