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Thread: JailBreak PS3 with an N900 Using PSFreedom By KaKaRoTo!

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    carbone37 Guest
    You have to use x-term and follow this:

    But I do not think this forum is made for this.

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    piponetest Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by carbone37 View Post
    This does not work on my N900.
    are you with the stock kernel or the enchanted one? Are you executing the script as root?

    Give the output of:
    uname -a

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    carbone37 Guest
    my kernel: Linux Nokia-n900 #1 PREEMPT Tue Aug 10 09:30:52 EEST 2010 armv71 unknown

    I think it's the custom kernel for overcloking

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    piponetest Guest
    yeap it's a custom one. You need the default one to use the module:


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    carbone37 Guest
    thank you piponetst. do you know how to change the kernel ?

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    piponetest Guest
    I don`t know which kernel you have putted. If its the one from the application manager follow the steps from here:

    There should be a script in the applications menu as well. I have tried both ways for removing the custom kernel with no issues.

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    davidpp124 Guest
    great work.. it's over 9000!!!! I want a N900 but my pockets have dead butterflies in them, so i'll have to wait 'til it goes down a notch.

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    FrozenFear Guest

    iPhone port?what about it??

    Somehow i think he can turn it into iphone and use iphone terminal to do stuff then it will work.. hopefuly!

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    laggmaster Guest
    Wow its absolutely amazing how many devices this hack has already been ported to already i think this is one of the verry few true "Hacks" that console scenes have seen...

    but i think we are getting a little out of hand with these ports untill we have custom firmware on lock because do people honestly want to plug in there phone to there ps3 every time we want to run custom code/new custom code...

    either way Great news finaly good to see the scene starting to POP to make the exploit available to everyone regardless of hardware at there dispozle... either way i have to wait untill i get paid Tuesday im just watching developments and killin time...

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    c64rmx Guest
    Damn, I have N97, hope someone makes a port to it

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