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Thread: JailBreak PS3 with an N900 Using PSFreedom By KaKaRoTo!

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    buzzingaz Guest
    can anyone please explain how to put on n900?

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    piponetest Guest
    Here is more information:

    How to use it is explain in the first post.

    sh is shortname for Bourne Shell

    To execute a script or command type:

    Note that the script should be with execution permission. If it does not have these permissions:
    chmod +x

    Please be careful while logged as root.

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    nfs80 Guest
    can i use this for my n97 ? Or come a software for iphone ?

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    FliX80 Guest
    Read the thread... It only works (at the moment) on the nokia n900, because it has a linux os.

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    nyleridedog Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by piponetest View Post
    Nope, it is compiled for the kernel (the default kernel it will not work on the enchanted one) and CPU of the N900 i.e. at the moment will work only on N900. If the source is released it should be no problem to be compiled for n800 or any OS.
    ok, i understand thanks for that.

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    snowhill2 Guest
    can anyone give a short tut what for prog. i need to do this?

    hopefully greetings

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    nfs80 Guest
    ok thanks i hope it comes for iphone and n97 soon.

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    carbone37 Guest


    This does not work on my N900. I have this error:

    . /
    insmod: error insearing 'psfreedom.ko': -1 Invalid module format.

    Kernel problem?

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    buzzingaz Guest
    yes, but i dont know how to get to the command prompt, is there an app i need for this? thanks

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    PlaYOuT Guest
    where can use it on Android?

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