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PS3News, if you could update the 1st post with this link, it's the Edited Version used to Run on the Nokia N810.
Done as requested and +Rep HellReborn, sorry for the delay... just got online for the day now.

Update: The PSFreedom Nokia N900 port has also been updated to version 0.4: http://maemo.org/packages/view/psfreedom/
The application was completely rewritten in C++/Qt to get rid of Python dependencies and to make startup faster (2s vs 12s startup on my device), this is from 0.4 onwards, the old post will be kept in the bottom of this post for archiving purposes only.

Changelog as of v0.4 (C++/Qt rewrite)

* Added 3.01, 3.10, 3.15, and 3.41 firmware support.
* Added PL3 1.1 support.
* Added LED indicator support, red on in-progres, green on done.
* Application rewritten in C++/Qt instead of PyQt, overall improvements.
* All images compiled in the binary instead of being stored in /opt.
* About window features a full browser, with back, forward, stop, and refresh buttons.
* Scrolling in about window fixed, should no longer highlight text while scrolling.
* Full browser for PSJCL.com support.
* Added hermes support.
* Added portrait mode.
* Help window without buttons; kinetic scrolling added to help window, thanks to alterego.