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    Jan 2009
    I really want a Windows Mobile or Android version

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    is it possible for an ipod touch to do this job?

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    Sep 2010
    Can someone help me please would this be possible to do on a archos av700 ??

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    Aug 2010
    If a 3g dongle could be used like with dc unlocker to flash the dongle would anyone know what would I need to flash it and how would I go about it? I have a e220 huawei and k3565 modem.

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    PSFreedom on a Nokia N810!

    No Credit goes to me, i just recreated it and got pictures, i'll post a video soon.

    what i followed was right here:

    KaKaRoTo is the one that succeeded on porting it over.

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    Apr 2010
    All Android users look here , looks so promising

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    Video of it In Action

    So here is the Video of it working:

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellReborn View Post
    So here is the Video of it working:
    Thanks for the video HellReborn, I added it to the first post along with your N810 confirmation.

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    @hellreborn i've had mine working for some time now, but have you been able to install the original backup manager? mine throws my ps3 into a freak out mode. I was able to get other backup managers to work but they only backup to an external hard drive. I'm looking for strictly internal HD support.

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    PS3News, if you could update the 1st post with this link, it's the Edited Version used to Run on the Nokia N810.

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