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    Registered User speedyx2000's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenito View Post
    it says: permission denied

    i used scp to access to n900 root, then i extraced the file, and copied the 3 files into /root
    and when i do this command ./psfreedom-enable.sh it says permission denied
    user "crckmc" (post nr #84) wrote:
    chmod +x psfreedom-enable.sh
    chmod +x psfreedom-disable.sh

    This wil fix your permission denied message.

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    i think it's working now after i've done...

    chmod +x ./psfreedom-enable.sh

    once i go home i'm gonna try it for sure.

    thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by djhazardous View Post
    what about the huawei e1630 dongle?
    like zte are qualcomm based

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAFox2u View Post
    How ironic would it be if we could use the Xbox 360 hacked to run Linux to install the hack for the PS3?

    We could screw Microsoft and Sony at the same time.
    Or even BETTER - use PS3 with linux / OtherOS enabled to do this - THIS will blow Sony of their chair

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    How do I "then ssh into your N900 and type : ./psfreedom-enable.sh " make this step with WinScp?

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    You're maximally in a process of blowing up USB ports on your PC as well as PS3 is you're brave (read DUMB) enough to connect them directly with A - A USB cable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpsp View Post
    How do I "then ssh into your N900 and type : ./psfreedom-enable.sh " make this step with WinScp?
    I assume you already put the 3 files in the /root directory of your n900..

    I followed the next steps:
    - Open xterminal.
    - type: sudo gainroot (you must have installed 'Rootsh'. available throug maemo.org)
    - type ssh localhost (i've installed 'OpenSSH'. also available throug maemo.org)
    password: use the password you did set while installing OpenSSH or if you did not set a password use: rootme

    now you can type: ./psfreedom-enable.sh

    If you get a permission denied fault:
    chmod +x psfreedom-enable.sh
    chmod +x psfreedom-disable.sh

    And try ./psfreedom-enable.sh again

    I finaly did managed to install the backup manager on my ps3 and to make some backups. Sadly I'm still not be able to start a backuped game.

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    How about the old iPAQ? It can run linux and act as USB device.

    Any idea what is the usb chipset there?

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    As it's a linux kernel module, I wonder if we can add it to the ported linux 2.6 kernel and with little changes to run it on the iphone, thro the OpeniBoot terminal (with auto script of curse).

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    we can port it even to ipodlinux (that runs on the ipod video) - it's also got a linux kernel 2.4, and we can easly run linux kernel modules.

    here is howto of "Hello World" module: http://ipl.derpapst.eu/wiki/Hello_World_Module


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