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Thread: JailBreak PS3 with an N900 Using PSFreedom By KaKaRoTo!

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    snowhill2 Guest
    juhu! it works on my n900!

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    Oh man this is awesome. Please make available for root on android. Specially the Galaxy S. Would love you forever

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    radialman Guest
    lol or if you can't be bothered ask wife to press on button...

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    carbone37 Guest
    Nice, work on my n900, but we need original kernel.

    Thx to all.

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    Apr 2005


    The source code is now added to the first post and is also available here for those interested:

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    Xhinde Guest
    Damn, i was just gonna post that boss

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    richirichi Guest
    Guys i found a nice TUTO link posted by Carso:
    - Use at your own risk. (Although I can't think of anything bad that might happen)
    - No Piracy tolerated. This should be used to Backup your precious bought games only.

    This guide covers the matter in extensive detail. So even if you’ve never ventured with your N900 before, you’ll still be able to follow.

    This guide will cause Pro users to bleed from their eyes

    This guide will cover Jailbreaking your PS3 with the N900 using PSFreedom and installing and running the PSJailbreak Backup Manager(Working!!).


    Give thanks to the Maker KaKaRoto:

    Hardware you will need:
    N900 with stock kernel (Not Power)
    PS3 with firmware 3.41 (I haven't tested on older)

    First we need to root your N900
    Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install rootsh:

    Now we need to get SSH working on the n900:
    Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install OpenSSH:
    It’ll prompt you to enter a password during install, use any password of your liking.

    Connecting to your N900 via WinSCP:
    Get WinSCP from:
    Install it. And Launch it.

    Make sure your N900 is connected to same WiFi as your PC.
    Identify your N900s IP address . (You can find a nice widget for this Here )

    In WinSCP, Transfering PSFreedom:
    Hostname: IP of the N900 (Example:
    Port: 22
    Click login.
    You’ll be promted for username and password. The username is root and the password is what you’ve entered earlier.

    WinSCP will take you to the browsing panes.
    Left Pane is your PC. Right Pane is your N900.
    Browse to and Copy (F5) the 3 PSFreedom files from your PC to your N900s /root folder

    You can get these files by extracting the following archive: (patched to work with Backup Manager!!)

    Now close WinSCP

    On your N900, Launch Terminal.


    Then change the scripts into executables:


    chmod +x
    chmod +x

    (You will get no output for these commands)
    Now run the script:



    (Nothing should happen, if you get an error: unable to insert “-”, you are running power kernel, you need to be running stock kernel)

    Now. Unplug your ps3 from Power.
    Connect then N900.
    Plug back your PS3s power.
    Click the Power button then quickly click and hold the Eject button (for maybe 7 seconds, if you hear 1 beep, let go).

    How do you know you did it fast enough?
    You won’t hear 2 beeps when you first hit the eject button. I prefer using both my hands

    Nothing will seem to be happening. That’s fine. The n900 will show the Storage or PC Suite window. Then a warning about insufficient power.

    How do you know it worked?
    On the ps3, there should be a new option, under Game called: Install Packages.

    Backup Manager: (Working!!)

    Put on a USB and plug it in to the PS3 now. An option will show to install it. Do so.
    Launch the Backup Manager. Preferably with a game inside your PS3

    Kudos to the Creater of PSFreedom. KaKaRoto
    Kudos to MohammadAG for guidance
    Kudos to Hopbeat and ps3n900 for Backup Manager Patch
    Kudos to the N900

    Tested Working Games: (Either Personally, or Mentioned in this thread)
    Virtua Fighter 5
    Ridge Racer 7
    GTA 4

    and another post By SpideyBR

    Easier method.

    internet (only for installing the necessaries packages)
    rootsh (if you don't have it, find it in the app manager software)

    Open a terminal (ctrl+shift+x or browser thru the menu). You are at your home folder (/home/user)
    Create a folder to organize the files: mkdir psfreedom.
    Change into that dir: cd psfreedom
    Download the package: wget
    Unpackage it: tar xvzf psfreedom.tar.gz
    Give scripts execution permission: chmod 755 *.sh
    Correct the module permission: chmod 444 *.ko
    That's it. It's installed. To run: ./
    To stop: ./

    Simplifying, connect your n900 to the internet and then:
    mkdir psfreedom && cd psfreedom
    tar xvzf *.tar.gz && rm *.tar.gz
    chmod 755 *.sh && chomd 444 *.ko
    That's it, it's installed in your home folder.

    To run:
    sudo /home/user/psfreedom/
    To stop:
    sudo /home/user/psfreedom/

    cd /home/user/psfreedom
    And, to stop:
    maybe i must sell my e71 and buy used n900 rather buy pspjailbreak

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    chrykel Guest
    So now with the.release of the source code will there be a lot of ports to different smartphones?

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    spark32 Guest
    Will this ever be ported to either a Blackberry, or a PSP? Thanks.

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    traumakom Guest
    I think is a stupid Idea but... J2ME have the ability to work across hardware systems like Symbian?? (The ability to emulate jailbreak)

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