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  1. #91
    nhojyelbom Guest
    don't you have to leave this plugged up all the time? not using my phone for this..

  2. #92
    tripellex Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nhojyelbom View Post
    dont you have to leave this plugged up all the time? not using my phone for this
    No, as the flag requiring the original PSJailbreak to remain plugged in was removed by Math and his team upon the release of PSGroove. You only need it to initialize the exploit upon system startup. You WILL however have to reconnect it anytime you restart the system.

  3. #93
    longhornx Guest
    IDK if the emulator detects the PC USBs :S (I wish they detect it )

    official tutorial: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...untu_10.04_LTS


  4. #94
    chrykel Guest
    Crap! I gotta mytouch slide 3g will there be an android solution?

  5. #95
    TUHTA Guest
    so will he Update it if new version of Jailbreak release?

  6. #96
    dazza92 Guest
    just a heads up he's planning to release his source anytime very soon

  7. #97
    primicx Guest
    works alson perfect on my n900 ... yeeehhaaa

  8. #98
    sddraguta Guest

    Big Grin

    can i use a blackberry hahaha

  9. #99
    ex5 Guest
    if they port it to android,will be possible to run andorid on pc and make this?

  10. #100
    TUHTA Guest
    Yeah Nice! I loved this phone a lot, and now i love it more

    Cool meen!+1000000000000000 to you

    Just develop in that way!

    It will be nice if it will be more easy to use APPLICATION, just press on button and you are ready to go.

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